So since my parents left I’ve been so busy as if I was already working at least. Every day I’d start out in the morning (my flat in Hikone no longer had curtains so I’d wake with the sun – nor a bed, by the way, so I was using a sleeping bag) and walk around all day long checking out stuff one after another on my list of twenty-something items, ranging from cancelling my internet subscription to getting a “hello present” for my new landlord.Thanks to these days I don’t have much left to do so I can focus on actually living my life now (instead of arguing with poor NTT phonecenter chicks about why I have to cancel my contract twice). I think I managed to sort out everything I knew I was supposed to in Hikone and most of what I’ve had to do in Tokyo too.

Yesterday afternoon I took the train and dropped all my stuff in my new apartment a few hours later. I then set out for a lengthy journey to discover my area (which proved to be quite a maze, a challenge to navigate in even while checking Maps at every second crossing), did some shopping – and then a rainstorm happened by, so I had to take a taxi home (not that I could’ve carried all that stuff anyway).

Then today I sorted out the bureaucratic parts of moving in, getting my address updated and checking in at the local authorities and the nearby post office. Got some coffee (I had the time to go and find the nearest coffee bean shop since I’d to wait for over 2 hours at the city hall) and a new bicycle too – one that I took on a lengthy trip to a 100 yen shop “nearby” (just the nearby happened to be a bit less near and a bit more hills involved on the way than I’d have liked).

Starting tomorrow.