I think that in a working group it’s pretty natural that as a topic for idle chat, food comes up every now and then. My studio’s no different, and the other day I told my colleagues that I made goya champloo for dinner.

Then yesterday just before calling it a day, dinner was brought up once again. My senpai asked me (does that mean he noticed me?) if I really cook for myself, and when I affirmed, he was surprised I don’t find it a drag.

Of course I do. Cooking, especially if it’s only for yourself, is a drag. But it’s still worth it, because it’s something that I get to do that’s not work. That counts quite heavy with 10-12 hours in the studio every day…

Like just now when I sat down for my dinner, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I made this. Making things isn’t new for me, as I spent significant amounts of time coding and making various designs ever since I learned what a website was. But food is just somehow different. The biggest reward in coding and design is when someone else checks it out and approves – with food it’s satisfying enough that I myself can enjoy it.