A Pilsner usually means that I get a taste I’m familiar with, since I grew up drinking pretty much only Pilsners and other mass-lagers. The brewers claim the beer is a very clear and pure Pilsner.

Ginga Kogen Pilsner

It pours straw color, though quite cloudy. The label says unfiltered, which explains that, I guess. It has a big, creamy white Pilsner head, gone much faster than expected.

I think I found some slight citrus notes in the hoppy Pilsner nose.

It’s got a very light body and quite light carb too, even for a lager. It’s a bit more bitter than expected, and at the same time more malty sweet too. There’s also some cheese-like warm taste behind the hops.

However, I’d say it’s still quite tasteless overall. It just lacks the grain flavor that can make a Pilsner great. I wouldn’t buy this brew over a mass-market general lager.