The worst thing in not having any free time whatsoever is that I don’t have neither the opportunity nor the energy to experiment. And experimenting is always fun. Just giving a try to some obscure crypto-chat client or programming language IDE can keep me going through the night, even if I’ll never even touch them ever again (as it so often happens).

I’d just love to have a few hours to stare blankly into space, thinking up algorithms and program flows, reading philosophy, steampunk and fantasy (and beer guidebooks), playing around with Android virtual machines in Studio, or just translating something for old times’ sake. I almost miss the days when I could play 15+ hours of Skyrim or LoL only taking a break when my stomach’s protests started disrupting the experience.

It’s simply impossible to squeeze everything into the weekends, which means I either need to do stuff while I’m (officially) working, or in the late hours once I get home. Mornings are out of the question. I observed that it’s much, much easier to stay up late than to wake up early.