First of all, I’d like to send out a huge “fuck you” to the devs who came up with the idea of forcing us to take subs to a map full of ASW ships.

The monthly quest for 6-1 definitely isn’t worth it either. Its reward is a few hundred ammo topped with an Irako morale booster, but despite sortieing there almost constantly with five level 99 subs, I still couldn’t get the three S victories at the boss required for the quest. I guess it’s a more realistic monthly in the sense that it actually takes a month to clear if you refuse to bucket your subs (because at level 99 a full repair is over 3 hours, which is more than I’d like to wait in general).

I wanted to clear it for September, but I couldn’t get it done in the three days available. Maybe next time. I hate to have quests hanging there in the open.