Today had two elements worthy of mention: sleeping for hours at work as there was nothing to do and playing Rumble once again. As for the former, I quite literally had nothing to do all day until like 8pm – because of course my superiors just love to suddenly remember that there was this really urgent thing that had to be done immediately, and of course they always recall such tasks when I’d rather be at home already drinking a hot cocoa than at work doing… whatever.

Playing Rumble is still fun, especially since my opponents have quite obviously never seen a Rumble in game. Rumble is the typical champion that I enjoy playing a lot, but am bad at. (Although this latter tends to apply to every champion.) My lag still isn’t improving either. Some games I get good solid under-200ms pings, then the next game I start spiking above 500 with the average climbing above 300. At that point things get really difficult as avoiding skillshots is pretty much out of question.

I’d definitely love to change ISPs, but the way my connection is bundled with my phone contract would make switching a lot more trouble than I’m immediately willing to go through.