Last week I wanted to make something banana. I had nothing particular in mind, so I looked into all kinds of stuff from cheesecakes and meringue pies to pound cakes. I ended up with black-bottom banana bars. I don’t think it turned out all so well.

Black bottom banana bars

It’s one thing that I baked it for about three times the duration written in the recipe and it still didn’t lighten up at all (even though I added more baking powder than recommended), but the weird, slightly bitter aftertaste of bananas makes it a slightly unpleasant thing. Of course if you keep munching it up, not giving time for the aftertaste to show, it’s less of a problem, but if you only eat one block, it’s not so nice.

I think I might’ve used more flour than I should’ve, because it turned out really heavy and thick.

The banana taste is totally overwhelmed by the cocoa in the bottom half too, at least for the dough. I also added some banana pieces (rolled in flour) in the top half, which in contrast became really nice crispy with a sweet banana taste. Probably the best part in it…