I noticed this beer on the shelf of my usual liquor store, and as I’m in general very curious about Japanese craft beer, I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle. There’s a lengthy description on the label about how it’s Tokyo’s “blues soul” in a bottle – I don’t know about any soul, but it’s definitely very Japanese.

Tokyo Blues

It’s clear gold with basically no head. Surprisingly enough, that little ring still laces the glass quite a lot, though it doesn’t last long.

To the nose, the powerful hops strike first. Then it gets much milder, with a honey sweetness.

The body’s smooth on the lighter end of medium, and the very light carbonation just emphasizes that further. The taste itself is well balanced. There’s the honey sweet mentioned above, but also apple and a yeast presence that only reminds me of cheese. The bitters are not disrupting the balance either. It’s there, it has a presence, but it won’t come and knock your head off with extreme hops.

It’s really pleasant. Calm. In that way, very Japanese.