Never had a milk stout before, and honestly, if this is the “great” “standard” for it, then I won’t have any again.

Nitro Milk Stout

It’s pitch black, but edge light suggests a very dark brown hue. It’s got a cream-colored and extremely thin head. Basically no lacing.

To the nose it’s how you’d expect a stout to be (although much lighter). Roasted, smoky, caramel.

Taste-wise, it’s smoky sweet, though it’s very light. Like… (barely) carbonated cocoa ice cream with alcohol. There’s a bitterness, persistent but still only noticeable if you focus on it. It’s rather some quite unpleasant sourness instead. (I was actually wondering if the beer might’ve spoiled, but the best-before date is still half a year ahead…)

The body’s smooth all right, and the carbonation very light. That would add up into an extremely heavy stout normally, but not with this beer. The lack of carb makes it feel watery despite the smoothness of the body, and the taste is just way too toned down too.

Tasteless, watery, no carb – my dad calls beers like this “horse piss.” Not a fan.