About a year ago, I played so much LLSIF that the earphone jack on my phone broke. The jack is right where I hold the phone and I guess it didn’t appreciate the constant pressure. At the time I only just got the phone so I didn’t feel like returning it for fixing, so instead I bought bluetooth earphones. This proved to be a good choice, since a few months later I started going to the gym every day and not having to carry around my phone to have music is great there.

I bought Jabra Rox, and it’s working just fine to this day. Its batteries last for 2-4 hours depending on volume, which is sufficient for me as I mostly listen to music commuting and in the gym (which totals a little over 2 hours). The sound is all right too. There’s enough bass to satisfy me and the rest works just fine too.

However, a few days back on a night it got caught in my bag’s strap and one of the earpads fell off. That alone wouldn’t be a problem, only finding a tiny black thing on the dark street wasn’t a realistic task. Sadly there is no backup packed with the earphones so I looked for some online. I found some memory foam ones, and since they were 3 pairs of supposedly the right size, I got that instead of the Jabra replacement.

Sadly that didn’t work out. The foam buds were way too big (even though they were supposedly the same M size) and plugging them in was an effort. I ordered the Jabra replacements right away, but for the two days it took them to arrive I was stuck using the memory foam ones.

The biggest problem with this is that it wasn’t easy to put the earphones on and take them off, and  I’d need that for work. Why would I need earphones during work anyway? Normally I don’t. But one of my coworkers just can’t stay quiet. Chatting wouldn’t be an issue, but he keeps mumbling to himself. Worse even, he is uncapable of eating silently. He chews on chewing gun and food with the volume of  a passing truck and to make it worse he regularly snorts like some warhorse with a runny nose. Needless to say I’d rather pick my own BGM than to listen to him and that’s where the earphones come in.

Last night the Jabra replacements arrived though, so now I’m free of his audial (?) torture once again. This also means that I have to charge the batteries before going to gym, but I usually do that when I’ve got meetings or such.