As you may have noticed, my site is now secured by Let’s Encrypt. They’re an EFF-backed org who provide free certs to encrypt. There’s still plenty of fine tuning to do still, but it’s pretty simple to use so I’m not concerned. In the first place, I’m not familiar with the practicalities of using encryption on my server, so there’s still plenty to learn.

I also took this opportunity to migrate from the host I used for over a decade now to the DigitalOcean droplet I’ve been using for the blog (only) since I migrated to WP. Dealing with the domain(s) was quite simple. I’ve played around with DNS records before too so it was familiar ground. The most interesting was handling email, since I’m not all that willing to set up and maintain an email server myself. I ended up using Zoho for that, since (unlike Google) they provide private domain email for free.

Stuff left is setting up a Rails+Unicorn+nginx server too for other purposes. Gonna have some fun playing around with that.