Month: October 2017


It was almost a running joke among my coworkers that I’d sooner than later die of a heart attack due to a caffeine overdose. Apparently my body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly, if not more – at least so I thought. Since getting 8 hours of sleep would require me to either cut down on working out or go to bed right after eating, and neither of those sound like very good options.

As it always is with substances, resistance builds up, so on bad days I’d need 3 cans of energy drinks just to remain functional (and still far from optimal). I got fed up with that eventually (and judging from the signals, my body too), and I decided to go no-caffeine on my birthday. I didn’t decide how long I’d keep it up, but the bare minimum is a month.


Hi, I just turned 28 two weeks ago. Not much has changed since, so I thought I’d do the unusual and sum up what’s been up the past year. Interestingly enough, it was right last October that I decided to leave the anime business and accept a friend’s invitation to working as a programmer.

Just a little torture

I stumbled upon an article on Guardian about Yanagiya, a restaurant in Gifu that apparently might just be the best restaurant on the planet. Of course I’d love to go, but I fear that even calling on the combined web of all my social networks, I might still not get an invitation. But it’s definitely worth giving a try, seeing all these accolades. I’ll still have to find someone to go with, but I doubt that’d be an issue.

And why is that torture? Because I’ve had the worst lunch today in… a very long time. My coworkers were singing tales about the cafeteria of the nearby Senshu university, so we went to give it a try. It was simply horrible. I had no idea miso soup could taste bad, but now I know. It feels like my stomach is giving extra care to that trash because 10 hours later I still don’t feel like eating anything.

Grand Kirin IPA

It’s been ages since I last had any alcohol at home (though I still have a bottle of Jura in progress). Tonight I went to the supermarket to pick up some snacks and on the way I spotted Kirin’s IPA. I’ve tried Kirin craft attempts before, so I wondered what this one is like.

Shit manners

This is about the title in most possible interpretations. For the years now I’ve been working in Japan, I noticed certain (really annoying) things about shit. This wasn’t much of a problem during university when most I’ve seen my Japanese fellows was when we were getting drunk together, but actually working at a company means I have to endure actual people around me most of the day. And their various smells.

I’ve got a sensitive nose, apparently. I can smell what the family in the next house are having for dinner with my window closed. There is one smell that I could never really pick up, and that is alcohol. Sadly, shit is not one such.