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Grand Kirin IPA

It’s been ages since I last had any alcohol at home (though I still have a bottle of Jura in progress). Tonight I went to the supermarket to pick up some snacks and on the way I spotted Kirin’s IPA. I’ve tried Kirin craft attempts before, so I wondered what this one is like.

Grand Kirin Izayoi no Tsuki IPA

My experience with the previous Grand Kirin semi-craft attempt wasn’t exactly great (and most people seem to have had similar opinions), so I had reservations about Izayoi no Tsuki.

Grand Kirin Izayoi no Tsuki IPA

Kirin Galaxy Hop

The other day I went to the convenience store and I noticed something new among the beers. Kirin apparently released a limited edition beer called Galaxy Hop, I guess as the first stage of their attempt to go craft.

Kirin Galaxy Hop Session IPA

Grand Kirin

I ran out of beer, so I went to the nearby convenience store to pick up a few cans to last me until the weekend. I got a few Sapporo Black Labels, but don’t expect me to write about those – I don’t know beers enough to write meaningfully about mass-market brews. I didn’t intend to write about Grand Kirin either, but then…

Grand Kirin


Hi, I just turned 28 two weeks ago. Not much has changed since, so I thought I’d do the unusual and sum up what’s been up the past year. Interestingly enough, it was right last October that I decided to leave the anime business and accept a friend’s invitation to working as a programmer.

Suntory Craft Select Pale Ale

I’m happy that the major Japanese breweries are taking a hint from the ever-growing craft beer scene, and try to add styles other than the usual lager to their lineups. Asahi rolled out a pale ale that’s definitely not terrible, and Kirin announced that they’d buy Yo-Ho, the craft brewery behind the Yona Yona ale among others.

Understandably, when I saw a Suntory labeled pale ale at the nearby convenience store, I couldn’t resist picking up a can. Last words first: I shouldn’t have.