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Grand Kirin IPA

It’s been ages since I last had any alcohol at home (though I still have a bottle of Jura in progress). Tonight I went to the supermarket to pick up some snacks and on the way I spotted Kirin’s IPA. I’ve tried Kirin craft attempts before, so I wondered what this one is like.

Grand Kirin Izayoi no Tsuki IPA

My experience with the previous Grand Kirin semi-craft attempt wasn’t exactly great (and most people seem to have had similar opinions), so I had reservations about Izayoi no Tsuki.

Grand Kirin Izayoi no Tsuki IPA

Kirin Galaxy Hop

The other day I went to the convenience store and I noticed something new among the beers. Kirin apparently released a limited edition beer called Galaxy Hop, I guess as the first stage of their attempt to go craft.

Kirin Galaxy Hop Session IPA

Grand Kirin

I ran out of beer, so I went to the nearby convenience store to pick up a few cans to last me until the weekend. I got a few Sapporo Black Labels, but don’t expect me to write about those – I don’t know beers enough to write meaningfully about mass-market brews. I didn’t intend to write about Grand Kirin either, but then…

Grand Kirin

Beer bars to check out in Tokyo

Tokyo has a lot of places to grab a beer. Considering that even in medieval Europe even a bigger village would have its pub, it’s no surprise that the largest city in the world is in no short supply for establishments serving booze. If you ask for “a beer” in most of them however, you’re gonna get a draft Kirin, Asahi Super Dry or Premium Malt’s—mass-produced lager/pilsner suitable for chugging down by the pint, but won’t get you much excitement as a beer. Craft beer is alive and well in Japan, and if you know where to look, you can find real gems both domestic and global.

Now that the covid state of emergency is nearing its end, here are some places I visit to get hydrated. Or beer-drated? How does that work?


Hi, I just turned 28 two weeks ago. Not much has changed since, so I thought I’d do the unusual and sum up what’s been up the past year. Interestingly enough, it was right last October that I decided to leave the anime business and accept a friend’s invitation to working as a programmer.

Suntory Craft Select Pale Ale

I’m happy that the major Japanese breweries are taking a hint from the ever-growing craft beer scene, and try to add styles other than the usual lager to their lineups. Asahi rolled out a pale ale that’s definitely not terrible, and Kirin announced that they’d buy Yo-Ho, the craft brewery behind the Yona Yona ale among others.

Understandably, when I saw a Suntory labeled pale ale at the nearby convenience store, I couldn’t resist picking up a can. Last words first: I shouldn’t have.

Ore no Imouto

Ore no Imouto (full title 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない (ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai), usually translated as “there’s no way my little sister is this cute”) was one of the best drawn anime in the 2010 autumn season. Had the competition been weaker, it would be the best without question, but Star Driver and a few others can be compared. And not only graphics, generally it was quite interesting and actually much more serious than one would expect from an anime centered around incest games and a similar situation “real life”. It was easily the best anime in the season that had some meaning to it (thus sorting out the likes of Panty and Stocking and Squid Girl). And it’s even funny.


Az idő, amit itt tudok tölteni. Egy kicsit zsúfolódok… Pénteken második óra alatt jött egy email a mitakai lelkésztől, meghívtak vacsorára. Hatig tanítás volt mondjuk nekünk, egy óra Tani tanárúrral, amiről még nem igazán derült ki (nekem), hogy tulajdonképpen mi, aztán egy matek, és végül egy közgáz. A matek kivételesen nem volt rossz, mert ugyan a koreaiak jó szokásukhoz híven öt perc alatt bemásolták az előre kidolgozott feladataikat (nem értem mi értelme van az órai feladatokat előre megcsinálni – így is, úgy is el kell vele tölteni az időt, és akkor már inkább órán, mint a szabadidőmben), kivételesen nekem is sikerült időben kivégeznem mindet (bár Motai tanárúr igencsak meglepődött, amikor egy bizonyítást kongruenciákkal oldottam meg – azon kevés dolgok egyike, amit sikerült a fejembe verniük az Eltén).

Utána a közgáz meg igencsak kaotikus volt. Filozófus tanárunk ugyanis kitalálta, hogy ő belemegy a szavak etimológiájába, és kijelentette hogy a (köz)gazdaság(tan) (economy) és az ökológia (ecology) ugyanaz. Láthatóan nem értette meg, amikor felolvastam neki a szótárgép angol-angoljából a két definíciót, de erről még egyszer majd írok neki, ha lesz hangulatom és időm. Meg (a többiek látható értetlenségének ellenére) sikerült őt elterelnem filozófiába (valami amiről talán még tudok is beszélni), amikor Marx materializmusánál bedobtam neki Feuerbach nevét.