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The Global Rescue Experience

For my trip to Pakistan last summer, I’d signed up for the Global Rescue travel insurance in addition to my “normal” membership. I’ve been using this setup for most of my expeditions, since the membership covers helicopter rescue (a very important aspect especially in rural Pakistan) and the travel insurance covers pretty much everything else (though they refused to pay for my camera that was stolen in Argentina). For the Broad Peak + K2 expedition it wasn’t even a cheap endeavor with the travel insurance clocking in at almost $9000. However it included “interrupt for any reason” coverage, meaning it should pay up for pretty much any reason.

View from a little above crampon point on Broad Peak

Casually back climbing

Nowadays I mostly go indoor climbing to a gym in Ogikubo. It’s about 20 minutes by bicycle, which is usually not a problem, except today the promised cold weather hit with subzero temperatures. So that I don’t freeze on my ride, I put on the headband head warmer thing I got when I had dreds (so it hadn’t had much of a role in the past decade) and some fuzzy gloves.

The climbing itself went about as well as expected. I managed to send a new 5Q, and as one of the walls were rebuilt just today, I also managed to snatch the first send on some of the easier routes. I didn’t have enough strength left in me to clear the last two 6Qs, so instead I was doing rounds on easier routes I’d sent before. As a result I managed to shred both my pinky fingers (that hasn’t happened in a good while), but some tape solves that.









Sikerült jó hosszú napot csinálnom magamnak. A szikla/falmászós bagázzsal mentünk (sokadjára) mászni a mitakei folyópartra. Egy egész kis könyvnyi, sokféle nehézségű probléma van a folyóparton. Mivel közigazgatásilag ez még Tokió, ráadásul ha jár a Holiday Rapid, akkor átszállás nélkül ida lehet a belvárosból jutni, nagyon népszerű (úgy általában kirándulóhelyként is). A sziklákat (a rücskös és fájdalmas Mizugaki-beliekkel ellentétben) itt a folyó relatíve simára csiszolta az évek alatt, így bár nem tépi véresre a bőrt, cserébe csúszik.