Late night there was such a thunderstorm, that … well, i’ve never seen such before. There was no rain, purely the electric rage of the clouds: usually rain follows almost each lightning, but not now. The wind blew like crazy and tried to tear off every single leaf of every single tree (luckily it failed to do so). It was really a battle in the skies, as the ancient ones would’ve said it. When there are such events, i can understand why people in the dark ages, thousand years before made up ideas of gods battling in the sky throwing lightning bolts at each other.

Just like shinigami (死神 death god) and their allies battle against arrancar (破面 lit rip mask) in Bleach. This last chapter was late a day, but at least this gave me a will to read the japanese raw version, which i managed to understand with the great help of an online dictionary. That Szayel Apollo is just crazy, i must say. Or he’s just too much like Ishida? And finally Nell Tu, my favourite appears once again! Since she appeared, i already know at least one event from the next chapter. I wonder though how will Kubo Tite do it exactly. I hope it won’t be late as this one was.