Remember there was that 1986 movie called Short Circuit, about a little robot who, thanks for a lightning, started to think and feel? Wall-e (i don’t feel like doing the official capitals and middot thing) is very much alike: a robot totally abandoned, with the duty to clean up the enormous amount of trash covering Earth, working for about 700 years non-stop, slowly learnt how to feel and how to think.

By the end of the 21th century, our planet is totally overrun by the garbage that humans generate. There is no other escape but out into space, leaving robots behind to clean up all the mess. But (as it’s later stated clear) “Operation Clean-up” failed, and the spaceship Axiom (onboard which lives the “best of humankind”, doing nothing for hundreds of years, becoming… well, you’ll see what they’ve become) floats really far away in space. Only Wall-e works still on Earth, probably all alone, his only company being a small insect (maybe a roach?), collecting small “valuable” souvenirs while building towers out of cubes of junk. Then one day a spaceship lands and a white (female) robot is left here looking for signs of life. The real adventure starts when Wall-e shows her (Eve) the plant he has found.

What kind of movie is this? Long ago i knew a dutch girl on the net, who always said “aww…” when she encountered something cute. Well, this film is totally “aww…” too. It’s not like syrup though: it’s exciting, funny, and simply great. Luckily without the traditional Disney singing scenes, which make me shiver. Disney-Pixar did a fantastic job (the poster says right: Wall-e is of the same quality as Finding Nemo). And again the same good “deeper meanings”: protect Earth and love each other.