There is an elementary school just near the dorm where i live. I guess this isn’t worthy of noting except if there is something abnormal about it, but still i’m writing about it. Friday after waking up at the sounds of the fire alarm (people were cooking in their room and their work caught in the pan, setting the alarm off) i sat in the window of the kitchen, waiting for my toast to roast, looking out at the children playing on the school grounds. It just struck me that how free and careless their life is, and how unaware they are of this. At least i was, even in my high school years, only seeing the pile of stuff i had to do, and indeed had done, though in the last year i tried to catch every opportunity to do whatever i can while i’m still officially a “kid”, unconsciously sensing what a strain the university will be. Not as if it’d be that hard. Sure i’ll have to read all the stuff from the past month before the exams, but i think i’ll still have less trouble with that than many of my fellows.

Today walking home in the morning (i once again ended up in the bed of someone not identical to me) i’ve been shocked how great it was to walk on the overpass before it was finished, walking and chatting evening-long with the girl whom i seriously loved… The past year was so great, so free, so careless… I’d be happy to live it again. Sure with minor changes, if i could manage that without causing a butterfly effect.