Just now beside dinner i watched the first episode of the fourth season of Skins. It was pretty harsh on me, considering that since the third season ended i only watched a few anime episodes, four seasons (and so far all of the fifth) of How i met your mother and two (third in progress) of The Big Bang Theory, which are so to say more centered around entertainment and laughing, i got unused to the brute shocks of Skins. It’s only first episode as of now, but that 45 minutes just hit the spot, same as the third season did. Actually, since as i said i got unused to it, i was waiting for someone to shout “buzzinga” and everything turns out fine and shiny. Not here… I’m really looking forward to watching the whole series.

But in the meanwhile i’ll start Firefly and pick up Samurai Champloo again, because i caught up to all my series now (to be exact, in two day i will, TBBT being the one with episodes still left), and i really got used to watching something while having lunch or dinner. This is how it goes.