Guess what. My scholarship came in time. Meaning yesterday i bought an iPod. It works perfectly and really does all i need. That is, plays music, fits in my pocket and scrobbles I was quite surprised it even has a camera for recording video and a bunch of other features i haven’t even checked yet.

I opened up its box and even Ubuntu recognised it’s an iPod. The Rhythmbox iPod plugin offered to prepare it, though i have no idea what needs to be prepared, it messed up quite well. Banshee couldn’t handle it either… Anyway, i installed iTunes on the Win7 and that fixed it. Then from under linux i can use gtkpod to handle it, and works well. I’m not sure what, but i think the Rhythmbox plugin, handles the scrobbling. This means that instead of the daily 6-8 hours i listen to music on the computer, now all the rest will be scrobbled as well. I can foresee my play count boosting rapidly.

More later.