Month: May 2012

Fairy empire

I had this discussion with a fellow translator about what is and is not translatable. He said that a certain Yousei Teikoku song (Shoseijo no uta) falls in the latter category. I disagree(d).

Chromium YouTube crash

For quite a while Chromium has been randomly crashing when i tried playing YouTube videos. To be more exact, those tabs with YT videos open crash (not just the plugin, nor the whole browser). Sometimes it doesn’t crash, sometimes it does.

I managed to narrow it down to that it mostly happens if i have more than one YT tabs open. True, sometimes it crashes with only one open as well, but a reload usually solves that. Also it often crashes tabs when i try to play embedded videos.

Aegisub 3.0 on Ubuntu

After the Ubuntu distro update to Pangolin of course more stuff broke at first than were fixed, Aegisub being one of them. I had 2.1.9 before, but since the svn trunk is already the 3.0, i rather grabbed that than the older version (r6737). Installing, I was (of course) again faced by the annoying wxWidgets errors during configure.

For 2.1.9 I just worked around it somehow, but this time something snapped and i just got wxGTK 2.9.3. If only it was that simple… I had lots of problems with both wxGTK and Aegisub, but after a day or so I managed to get it working with help from an Aegisub dev.

For wxGTK: ./configure -with-opengl -enable-debug -enable-debug_gdb -enable-debug_cntxt -enable-stc, then after the install also run ldconfig. Then for Aegisub: ./configure -enable-debug.

I had to use the debug options, because we were debugging it, but i think it should work without them.

HDMI underscan

The other day I was translating late night and I had to use my headphones to catch a few lines. However the output from the jack of my speakers was so crappy that I rather decided to rather fetch my HDMI cable and connect my screen using that, then use the screen’s audio output. Why didn’t I use HDMI until now, even though it’s supposed to be superior?

That’s quite simple. I tried connecting it once, then this quite big black frame showed up. I couldn’t fix it instantly so I just gave up and rather connected using the analog cable. This time I didn’t give up so easily and googled. It took me a while to figure out what this black frame thing was called at all, and then how to solve it.





親父もう小学生だった頃なのに読むに苦労する。それに比べてシェークスピア(16世紀)とかカント(18世紀)を原書で読んでもわかる。 頑張らなきゃね。