Month: August 2014


Ma kísérleteztem egy kicsit a főzéssel, és a végeredmény szinte meglepően jó lett. Először is begyúrtam szója katakuri liszttel és borssal a kockákra vágott csirkemellet, ami aztán egy fedett edényben ment a mikróba (600W/2 perc). Amíg az forgott, felvágtam a hagymát és a jégcsapretket, és odaraktam őket rotyogni egy kis olajon. Mindeközben két gerezd fokhagymából, szójaszószból, kiskanálnyi piros aranyból és egy lehelet szilvapáleszből lett a “szósz”. Miután a csirke végzett a mikróban, ment is a zöldségekhez a szósszal együtt. Jó gyümölcs aromás, fokhagymás, nem túl sós feltét lett belőle a rizshez. Kép nincs.


I’m not the one to keep logs of big events and I couldn’t care less about anniversaries, so I don’t remember which day it was exactly that I got out of AL. Not that it changed much.

MI is definitely much easier, but it costs tons, and it’s not less annoying with its troll routing and occasional crits. Of course when I clear a map in a few hours that’s a joyride compared to when I suffer for a week with two, but it’s still not amusing.

Then again, no sorties in KanColle ever are.




Weird spam

The past few days the blog’s been bombarded by really weird spam. Weird in that I honestly can’t figure out what’s the point. Normally spam links to some shady webshop, be that link in the comment body or hidden in the author’s link.


The book deal

For a few days now I’ve been seeing The Giver all over social media. I didn’t really care about it, because until I gave in just now and clicked a link to an article about it, I didn’t realize that I knew the work.

Japanese sci-fi exhibition

This exhibit was recommended on facebook by a colleague of mine, and since I do like sci-fi, I decided to give it a try. The museum was much closer than I expected, near the Keio line station of Roka-koen.

Japanese Sci-fi

Iwate Akakura

Akakura is the second of the Iwate Kura beer lineup that I got my hands on (the first was Kinkura). As the “red” in its name suggests, it’s a red ale.

Iwate Akakura

Comiket 86

Been there, done that.

Comiket 86

Sugiyama Youji üveges

A közeli minigalériában múlt hétig volt egy üveges kiállítása. Főleg kristályüveg, mindenféle színekben és formákban.

Sugiyama at KnulpAA

Syd Arthur – Sound Mirror

After the letdown that IQ was, I didn’t have high expectations for Syd Arthur. And then Sound Mirror blew me away with the first notes and it didn’t get any worse later on.

Syd Arthur - Sound Mirror