Month: August 2014

Baird Beer Shuzenji Heritage Helles

I encountered Baird Beer first at Banji Kaichou. Despite the name, it’s a Japanese brewery. I picked Shuzenji Heritage Helles because the name suggested it’s gonna be a light German beer, which most likely means lager, which most probably means I’m gonna like it.

Baird Beer Shuzenji Heritage Helles

The Mountain

At first I had no idea what was I supposed to think about Haken’s The Mountain. It was mostly slow, just way too slow even for a progressive rock album. Then I realized where the trick was: just consider it avant-garde.

Haken - The Mountain

Duvel Tripel Hop 2013 (Sorachi Ace)

I picked Duvel Tripel Hop because of the “triple hop”. My logic was that if hops are for bitterness, then more hops are even better. My expectations were pretty high.

Duvel Tripel Hop 2013

To start anime

Honestly, I don’t remember what was the first anime I watched. Classics like Digimon, Dragon Ball, Case Closed and Sailor Moon were on German channels when I was in elementary school. Digimon got me all right, I still remember all the “öffne dich, Tor zur Digiwelt!” cries (and later ran a Digimon fansite for years). That formed a foundation. I guess if I had to I could say Digimon is what got me hooked.

Coedo Beniaka

I’ve known Coedo’s Beniaka from before. That said, I only had it once, years ago, and I didn’t like it. In a bar my friends and I frequented in Hikone they had the entire Coedo lineup, and the first time I went there I tried them all (quite a pricey way to drink out if you ask me). Beniaka was just too sweet for me – and that much hasn’t changed.

Coedo Beniaka


Just now I saw a headline on a certain like-hunter-share-gatherer website that caught my attention. In the sea of “n+1 things that something” and “this happened, and you won’t believe what happened next” kind of titles, it was no different – but it had this phrase that I just couldn’t ignore: “kids in university”.

I know that it’s hard not to look down on everyone younger than you, but I’m quite positive that a majority of university students would be seriously offended if you called them kids. Sure students can be childishly carefree, but then again so would “adults” if they weren’t bound by the chains of corporate slavery.

It just feels so weird that you’d call someone of age, someone who can vote, a kid. I know: we should just let breastfeeders run for presidency (it might actually turn out better than the current system).

Brewdog Libertine Black Ale

A black ale? Sounds like a plan! I was interested to see what this Brewdog beer had for me.

Brewdog Libertine Black Ale


The only issue with E5 is the first fork: going the center way means an immediate abort. I’m not going to risk night battles when an abort means no consumption, only fatigue. Sadly the success rate is still painfully low, under 50% for sure.

Otaru Bakusyu amber ale

I might’ve had amber ale before, I just don’t recall. More likely, I haven’t. Hokkaido in general has quite a unique scene for gourmet stuff, be that food or drinks, so I looked forward to this beer from the northern island.

Otaru Bakusyu Amber Ale

Ginga Kogen Pilsner

A Pilsner usually means that I get a taste I’m familiar with, since I grew up drinking pretty much only Pilsners and other mass-lagers. The brewers claim the beer is a very clear and pure Pilsner.

Ginga Kogen Pilsner