There’s one time when using linux takes its toll: when I’m installing Aegisub. Today I wanted to use said application, but apparently some upgrade in the past few years since I wasn’t using it broke it, and I had to rebuild. Well…

Building Aegi was hell every single time I had to deal with it. It tends to depend on libraries that aren’t necessarily easy to find and set up, let alone would be available in Ubuntu repos at an apt-get‘s reach.

But still, running around finding and resolving dependencies one after another (even stuff that I know I’ll never use, but figuring out how to disable loading them is more effort than installing them) pays off when make && make install finally exits without errors and the program window shows up.

Today even that was denied from me. After spending hours hunting down and compiling libraries (“wait, it says that one’s optional, why is it dying then?”), the make kept failing in a lua-related source file. The errors meant nothing to me and I’m not so familiar with C++ to dive head-on into the source and fix everything.

Not that I’m a heavy Aegi user, but for now I’ll have to stick to use it on Windows, and hope there will be a time when I can install it on linux without it serving as a source of rage to boost my blood pressure.