Today one of my co-workers called in a sysadmin. I noticed that for a good while now he’s been running “cure my PC” kind of “anti-malware” software on a daily basis. You know, the kind that does more harm than good.

He called the sysadmin for that reason too. It was amusing to see just how many various toolbars and search addons and download managers one can fit in the Windows control panel’s program list. Let’s not even consider how many malware there were that didn’t bother to kindly offer (pretend to) to remove themselves.

It was also quite a sight as the “sysadmin”, in charge of operating the computer network of the company and helping with the everyday computer-related troubles of the employees, had trouble decyphering a “click yes to restart now or no to restart later” dialog box. You know, if at least it was some debug message with abbreviations and all, but no, just a general, well-phrased dialog.

His method of “fixing” the problematic PC was interesting too. He’d Google “remove (app name)” in Japanese, and when he got no results (which is no surprise), he’d just click uninstall on the list. The end.

This professionalism made me firmly believe that I’d still have a bright future in the IT sector.