Month: August 2022

So, where do you want to live?

I used to answer “meh wherever,” but things are changing. I have more and more grey hairs in my beard, though people are not noticing because of how light in general my hair is. I’m a bit more desperate about swiping right. I even managed to chip my kneecap in the Karakoram (apparently) which made just walking straight tough for a month let alone climbing stairs (or mountains) (it’s better now). I got addicted to watching house design videos on a certain evil website this time, and that got me thinking and planning.


大子行ってきたぞ!大子を知った経緯は、一昨年那須行ったときに温泉むすめの等身大パネル見て帰ってサイトで他のどんなのあるかなと調べたら大子を見つけた。それと完全に別でヤマップで「茨城ジャンダルム」登った人の記録もみた。どうやらジャンダルムの天使に会うなら穂高だけじゃなく、茨城の生瀬富士のジャンダルムでも会える。そしてさらに、あるSNSは俺に向けた広告はビール、服、ワーケーションばっかり。そのワーケーションの広告で同じ茨城県北のOKUKUJI BASE CAMPというキャンプ場を知った。さらにさらに近くに袋田の滝という、日本三名瀑の一つの観光スポットもある。つまり温泉もあっておもしろそうな山もあって、観光地もあって、日中は仕事もできるキャンプ場まである。行くしかない!

The Baltoro hike

The hike to Broad Peak (and with a little more hiking, K2) base camp is not a joyride. There are no teahouses, the trail can be pretty challenging and there’s not much variety. That’s why I was very surprised when on the hike in, we met some people hiking out with very light gear around Concordia. Turns out they were there on base camp treks. I knew about such base camp treks to Everest base camp or the Annapurna circuit, but it didn’t occur to me anyone in their right mind would want to hike up the Baltoro glacier just for fun.