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Today had two elements worthy of mention: sleeping for hours at work as there was nothing to do and playing Rumble once again. As for the former, I quite literally had nothing to do all day until like 8pm – because of course my superiors just love to suddenly remember that there was this really urgent thing that had to be done immediately, and of course they always recall such tasks when I’d rather be at home already drinking a hot cocoa than at work doing… whatever.

Playing Rumble is still fun, especially since my opponents have quite obviously never seen a Rumble in game. Rumble is the typical champion that I enjoy playing a lot, but am bad at. (Although this latter tends to apply to every champion.) My lag still isn’t improving either. Some games I get good solid under-200ms pings, then the next game I start spiking above 500 with the average climbing above 300. At that point things get really difficult as avoiding skillshots is pretty much out of question.

I’d definitely love to change ISPs, but the way my connection is bundled with my phone contract would make switching a lot more trouble than I’m immediately willing to go through.

What gives

I spent the last week trying to eat in a way to help my insides recover. You don’t know just how unfunny it is to have diarrhea when some green liquid explodes out of you every 3-4 hours. Luckily it’s better now, and especially when I’m sitting on my chair all day doing nothing but playing League or KanColle it stabilizes even more.


First of all, I’d like to send out a huge “fuck you” to the devs who came up with the idea of forcing us to take subs to a map full of ASW ships.

The monthly quest for 6-1 definitely isn’t worth it either. Its reward is a few hundred ammo topped with an Irako morale booster, but despite sortieing there almost constantly with five level 99 subs, I still couldn’t get the three S victories at the boss required for the quest. I guess it’s a more realistic monthly in the sense that it actually takes a month to clear if you refuse to bucket your subs (because at level 99 a full repair is over 3 hours, which is more than I’d like to wait in general).

I wanted to clear it for September, but I couldn’t get it done in the three days available. Maybe next time. I hate to have quests hanging there in the open.



Dota 2

I gave it a try. People were going on all (online) around me about the Internationals, which by the looks of it is the Dota equivalent of LCS,  and I decided I’d see for myself what’s going on – I could hardly tell what was going on at all from replays after all.


Is it worth doing the weekly quests or not? For those that are doable in 2-3, the answer was obviously yes, since just sortieing 2-3 is worth it (even using 3 subs). The rest, however…

Armor design

Recently I’ve been trying to find some neat designs for powered suits, without much luck. That changed today, however, when I accidentally ran into a piece of art from the upcoming game Destiny.

Destiny concept

Why League of Legends is evil

A week or so ago I started playing League again. I just wanted some entertainment more active than watching anime and less randomly frustrating than KanColle. Well…

Except League eats into sleeping time and it is way more frustrating than KC due to the utter idiocy of a huge portion of the people – and it’s just as luck/random dependent who I get teamed up with as are drops, compass decisions and critical hits in KC.

That addiction

I’m always in severe need for some entertainment. In the years before, that was fansubbing for me: translating was perfectly enough for me. Translating, being a part of the community, then later writing reviews even was great. But even then, I always had problems clearing my backlogs, since I simply couldn’t get myself to work on stuff unless I was doing it on the usual weekly scheduled timeslot.

ESO (beta) second impressions

After the rage-inducing installation of the ESO beta finished, I was more than skeptical as I dove into the world of Tamriel. Luckily the gameplay itself wasn’t as insane as the installation, but it sure took a good time to get used to. So I can say that my first second impressions were mixed, but definitely still better than my experience with WoW was.