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That addiction

I’m always in severe need for some entertainment. In the years before, that was fansubbing for me: translating was perfectly enough for me. Translating, being a part of the community, then later writing reviews even was great. But even then, I always had problems clearing my backlogs, since I simply couldn’t get myself to work on stuff unless I was doing it on the usual weekly scheduled timeslot.

KanColle Bridge 0.7

KanColle Bridge is a smart little Python app for your Ubuntu that can help you with a bunch of stuff related to your beloved shipdaughters. Work in progress.



That last KanColle update

So apparently a bunch of anons are throwing fits about how they now have to re-VPN into Japan to renew their tokens for KanColle… It’s due to this week’s update that rolled out a system that requires that the JS on the DMM site renews the API token every set number of requests (“ticks”).

Of course the shitstorm (or even hurricane) was imminent when anons realized they can’t use their API keys forever anymore. Especially when some smartass pointed out that this update happened just two weeks after /a/’s favorite target of hate, Commie published their unofficial translation patch for the client. Let me quote: “Even the chinese are blaming commie, this is a international thing now.”[src]