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Of course today’s main event was the release of Haruna’s K2. The devs managed to make sure this way that everyone had her on their mind on this important day – the day the historical battlecruiser fast battleship sank.

Haruna K2


Is it worth doing the weekly quests or not? For those that are doable in 2-3, the answer was obviously yes, since just sortieing 2-3 is worth it (even using 3 subs). The rest, however…

Depth charges

I remember that a while ago they announced they’d make depth charges be much more effective when used together with sonars. (Well duh, I thought, sonars alone are pretty powerful anti-sub equipment.) However I missed the part of the announcement that said they’d make depth charges completely useless on their own.

A week at the fleet

I don’t know what was (is) up with KC this week. It might be just that I used all my luck in the game, especially considering stuff that happened at work.

Why League of Legends is evil

A week or so ago I started playing League again. I just wanted some entertainment more active than watching anime and less randomly frustrating than KanColle. Well…

Except League eats into sleeping time and it is way more frustrating than KC due to the utter idiocy of a huge portion of the people – and it’s just as luck/random dependent who I get teamed up with as are drops, compass decisions and critical hits in KC.


Now that the spring event is over, my KanColle playstyle changes once again. Back in university I had the time (or just didn’t care that I don’t) to play actively all day every day, and I was clearing all the quests, even those vastly cost-ineffective. Which as a side effect resulted in that I was poor. I remember feeling rich having 7-8 thousands of resources.

Midway (or not)


After a week and a half of struggling, today I finished the spring event of Kancolle. This was the second event I completed after the Christmas Arpeggio collaboration, as I gave up on E3 during Iron Bottom Sound.

Way to go

Today the plan was that I’d go to the sushi place in the neighborhood and socialize with whoever’s there at this time (it’s friday night, so I had my hopes up). Except when I entered there was no one but an older lady who looked really surprised at me. That in itself wouldn’t be weird (after all I’m a westerner in a japanese living neighborhood), but instead of welcoming me, she started with a “what do you want?”. Now that’s weird.

Muster the force

My highest level ship is at this point Kitakami at level 97 (20-something thousand xp to go to 98), closely followed by I-168 and Ooi, both also at 97. As for torpedo cruisers, there isn’t really a race: even number three, Kiso is in the latter stages of level 96 at this point.

The field of subs is more spread out, Imuya having a two-level lead ahead of I-19, currently at 95, the rest following in the mid-80’s with the latecomer I-8 quickly catching up. She’s currently 66.