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J:COM ダメ ゼッタイ



There’s one time when using linux takes its toll: when I’m installing Aegisub. Today I wanted to use said application, but apparently some upgrade in the past few years since I wasn’t using it broke it, and I had to rebuild. Well…




Seino? Say no.

Ordering from Amazon usually means the package will be at my doorstep in a day or two at worst. Thing is, I’m rarely at home: on weekdays I’m at work, and on the weekends I tend to go out during the standard delivery hours.

Get real

For having fun on a night out it’s often more important who’s absent than who’s present. There are people I can chat about anything (pretty literally) for hours, while there are others who manage to derail any conversation in 20 seconds with such fury that I end up being bored out of my mind in a minute and then spend the rest of the night trying to find a way to escape.

Berg Katze

It’s really hard to write about the CROWDS finale without spoilers. I tried, but that just wasn’t enough to blow the steam off. Consider this a spoiler alert.



Summer. That bloody fucking summer. I hate it so much at times like this I can barely put it into words.

Depth charges

I remember that a while ago they announced they’d make depth charges be much more effective when used together with sonars. (Well duh, I thought, sonars alone are pretty powerful anti-sub equipment.) However I missed the part of the announcement that said they’d make depth charges completely useless on their own.


So apparently my flat faces west, something I only noticed recently as days’ve been getting hotter. I’ve kept my windows open for weeks now, and in the morning it’s always nice and cool to wake up, and even when I get back home for lunch… But then when I get out of work and arrive home in the evening, it’s a whole different story.

Az a fránya angol

Megy a majré, hogy milyen felháborítóan nehéz volt az emelt angol érettségi hallásértési feladata. Az a bizonyos Picasso. Biztos csak a külföldre szabadult ember beszél belőlem, de erre csak annyit tudok mondani, hogy: Magyarország. Ugyan miért nem rinyál a magyar ember?