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Cross the line

I’m a tolerant person when it comes to Japanese people interacting with foreigners (such as myself). I patiently answer their questions about where I’m from and why I’ve come to Japan (for the 9001st time even), I don’t complain about hello-harassment and I smile at the people who stare at me. I humbly reply to people complimenting my Japanese and help out people struggling to talk to me in English (despite them not knowing any).

Just the other day I had a hearty laugh with a co-worker when we were on our way to a meeting, and while I was waiting for him taking a piss at a park’s public toilet, some little girls happened to start practicing English just next to me (but never talking to me). My co-worker could hear them through the restroom doors and I think that was his first time witnessing what it’s like to be a foreigner outside of a “safe” environment (such as at work).

However, last week I got a text message that crossed the line.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest despise and utmost scorn towards the two beloved guardians of the law who thought I had nothing better to do at 2.30am riding my bike home from work exhausted mentally and physically, than to have a good 20 minutes of “chat” with them. From my heart I wish them a bull’s bulging boner between their buttocks and beyond.

J:COM ダメ ゼッタイ



There’s one time when using linux takes its toll: when I’m installing Aegisub. Today I wanted to use said application, but apparently some upgrade in the past few years since I wasn’t using it broke it, and I had to rebuild. Well…




Seino? Say no.

Ordering from Amazon usually means the package will be at my doorstep in a day or two at worst. Thing is, I’m rarely at home: on weekdays I’m at work, and on the weekends I tend to go out during the standard delivery hours.

Get real

For having fun on a night out it’s often more important who’s absent than who’s present. There are people I can chat about anything (pretty literally) for hours, while there are others who manage to derail any conversation in 20 seconds with such fury that I end up being bored out of my mind in a minute and then spend the rest of the night trying to find a way to escape.

Berg Katze

It’s really hard to write about the CROWDS finale without spoilers. I tried, but that just wasn’t enough to blow the steam off. Consider this a spoiler alert.



Summer. That bloody fucking summer. I hate it so much at times like this I can barely put it into words.

Depth charges

I remember that a while ago they announced they’d make depth charges be much more effective when used together with sonars. (Well duh, I thought, sonars alone are pretty powerful anti-sub equipment.) However I missed the part of the announcement that said they’d make depth charges completely useless on their own.