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So apparently my flat faces west, something I only noticed recently as days’ve been getting hotter. I’ve kept my windows open for weeks now, and in the morning it’s always nice and cool to wake up, and even when I get back home for lunch… But then when I get out of work and arrive home in the evening, it’s a whole different story.

Az a fránya angol

Megy a majré, hogy milyen felháborítóan nehéz volt az emelt angol érettségi hallásértési feladata. Az a bizonyos Picasso. Biztos csak a külföldre szabadult ember beszél belőlem, de erre csak annyit tudok mondani, hogy: Magyarország. Ugyan miért nem rinyál a magyar ember?

Way to go

Today the plan was that I’d go to the sushi place in the neighborhood and socialize with whoever’s there at this time (it’s friday night, so I had my hopes up). Except when I entered there was no one but an older lady who looked really surprised at me. That in itself wouldn’t be weird (after all I’m a westerner in a japanese living neighborhood), but instead of welcoming me, she started with a “what do you want?”. Now that’s weird.

The catch

Yeah I know it was too good to be true. Get an internet connection that is in theory faster than what I used the past three years, for half the money, and I even get a discount on my cell bill. Can you guess where’s the catch?


Pont az imént szóltam megint valami nagyon nem szépet kis hazánkról, és mivel ez mostanában elég gyakran előfordul, végeztem egy kis önvizsgálatot, nem vagyok-e hazaáruló (stb).

My problem with education

My problem with education is that they don’t teach kids what they need to know. They teach in depth about specific stuff – for some reason stuff that you will never ever need in your life.

Will you ever need to know how to calculate the derivate of a function? Unlikely, unless you’re an engineer or economist. Will you ever need to know which year some king signed some tax decree? Never, unless you want to be a historian. Will you ever need to understand the chemical process how mitochondria in cells convert energy? Not unless you’re a med major.


Nem vagyok én egy agresszív ember, és szerintem életemben egyszer nem fordult még elő, hogy valakit bántani akartam volna. Mostanáig.

A háttértörténet: a diplomámhoz kellett még három tárgy, ezeket fel is vettem rendben, le is vizsgáztam. Kettő – úgy érzem – elég lazán meglett, de az egyik elég húzós. Tekintve hogy már eldőlt az egyetem utáni állásom (aminek előfeltétele a diploma), annyira nem lenne buli, ha most meghúznának, úgyhogy az elmúlt pár napban elég durva volt a stressz. A legrosszabb, hogy a vizsgaeredményeket március 5-ig, amikor az évzáró értekezlet van, nem közlik. Hivatalosan, legalábbis.

That last KanColle update

So apparently a bunch of anons are throwing fits about how they now have to re-VPN into Japan to renew their tokens for KanColle… It’s due to this week’s update that rolled out a system that requires that the JS on the DMM site renews the API token every set number of requests (“ticks”).

Of course the shitstorm (or even hurricane) was imminent when anons realized they can’t use their API keys forever anymore. Especially when some smartass pointed out that this update happened just two weeks after /a/’s favorite target of hate, Commie published their unofficial translation patch for the client. Let me quote: “Even the chinese are blaming commie, this is a international thing now.”[src]

Guess what

Welcome to our regular post-Ubuntu update rant. I’m a bit disappointed that i have to write one like this again, especially since i haven’t logged on to Ubuntu for quite a while after the update came out (i stayed on Windows to play League). And even with the extra time, there were problems present.

Elo hell doesn’t exist?

Hell it does. I’ll define it in a way that denying its existence would mean that you’re totally clueless about playing League.