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Stuff that broke in Rails 6.1

Rails uses a “shifted” “semantic” “versioning” which pretty much comes down to the following. Major version: “we’ll most definitely break everything you ever depended on, half of them without warning.” Minor version: “we’ll probably break many stuff you depend on, some of them without warning.” Patch version: “we might accidentally some core APIs, but we promise it’s not intentional (or documented).” Knowing that, I still embarked on the grand endeavor of upgrading from Ruby on Rails to What could possibly go wrong, right?

Railway tracks are suspended above the washed out Tank Hill underpass of the Trans Canada Highway 1 after devastating rain storms caused flooding and landslides, northeast of Lytton, British Columbia, Canada November 17, 2021. B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure/Handout via REUTERS
Rails in Canada and on Ruby share (un)surprising similarities (source)

Rails counter_cacheの罠

counter_cacheはいいぞ。 #いいぞ



MedBeer: Rails 5.1

昨夜医療サービスのメドピアさん主催のRails 5.1勉強会に参加してきた。タイトルから見ると大した勉強になる期待はしなかったが、予想外に有意義だった。一番面白かったのは最初と最後。