Month: July 2011

Music piracy and stuff

I had to write a report of roughly four-five pages for one of my english classes, and this is what i ended up with. The topic is as the title says, online music piracy and its supposed and real effects on the industry. I know it’s not such a great writing, but derp.

Not tonight

For some mysterious reason i couldn’t sleep tonight. At all. I was rolling around in my bed for two hours or more, and i could still feel that my breath and heartbeat was as fast as if i was at least running a marathon or something. I haven’t drunk a coffee that could keep me up for so long either. Maybe it was that i slept three hours in the evening?

Sure, there was a huge storm going on outside, the likes of which i haven’t seen since that typhoon last year in Okinawa (actually it seems that one of the first typhoons this season is touching Japan now, and that causes this lovely weather), but usually when there’s a storm going on outside i can sleep even better than in clear weather. Actually for a while in high school, i was sleeping with a thunderstorm soundscape playing.

But not tonight. Suddenly i even got hungry so i gave up, woke up, had my cornflakes breakfast roughly five hours earlier than usual (i usually wake up after ten am, today it was six), edited a translation and will check two more, then i’ll start with today’s studying. Yesterday i managed to finish most of the microeconomy notes, so i’ll only have to do the problems once i get them, until then i can get started with macro.

Working against evolution

That’s what humankind has been doing for quite a while. Humans have always been trying to help the weaker groups survive as well. Farming technology has advanced so much that a field that could maybe suffice for a family a thousand years ago could now maintain a whole village, or even more. With same or less work invested we’re getting better results. That’s all nice and fine, but the technological advance will never really be able to catch up to the growth of the weak groups. It can be seen in statistics that the birth rate in advanced societies is much lower than in developing ones. This can probably be traced back to that in developing societies the urge to multiply is still present, since children often die young. But thanks to advanced medical technologies more and more children survive to adulthood, while the productivity of the land they live on doesn’t grow so quickly. I’m not saying weak people should be abandoned and let the top only survive in a nice darwinian way, but that i’m not confident that with humankind growing fast in billions, a significant percentage of who are utterly unproductive, the productive groups will be able to maintain any kind of development at all–or in worst case, survive. It’s not so hard to imagine a scary scenario where the deadweight of useless people will pull down humanity as a whole into extinction.


Az utóbbi időben, amikor magyarra fordítok, gyakran belefutok olyan szavakba, amik egyszerűen nem léteznek a magyar nyelvben. Én pedig inkább kitalálok-összerakok valami megfelelő új szót, minthogy béna körülírást vagy idegen szót használjak. A legutóbbi például az ilyen könyveket jelölő térkönyv szó. Ahogy szétnéztem a neten, ez új.


Last season i was doing the anime C for gg. It was all about economy with loads of technobabble, but now that i’m preparing for my exams i see that it was all about a variety of problems that economists face. For example, the big argument between the two main characters about whether it’s worth sacrificing the future for the present is a 1:1 interpretation of the problem of time preference. Also the concept of “losing the future” is very similar to something i read about in one of my classes papers about current actions limiting the possible routes of the future, and the idea of a “lost decade” is present in the japanese common knowledge like that. So yeah, C wasn’t all just a noitaminA Yugioh, it was a noitaminA Yugioh with lots of economy.


Somehow when i’ve to learn stuff in japanese that takes reading three times in my mothertongue to understand, then i feel the challenge. It’d be lovely though if the teachers actually followed some kind of a plan when compiling the curriculum, because “half a page from the notes, half from insert random book here, half from insert another random book here, half from the blackboard in class, half from being lucky enough to catch a side reference to it in what the teacher says and looking it up” doesn’t really help when i’ve to prepare for fourteen exams. I really respect the teachers who bother to hand out usable notes or at least write coherently on the blackboard, or if not even that, at least talk articulated so that the students have a slight chance maybe to take notes. The rest should just… well, let me quote the typical tsundere anime girls: “死ね”.

Ördögi kör

Reggel fölkelek valamikor, teljesen mindegy, hogy mikor, és teljesen mindegy, hogy mit csinálok egész nap, délután öttől nyolcig hulla álmos vagyok, és teljesen képtelen bármi hasznos tevékenységre. Ezzel csupán annyi a probléma, hogy akkor kéne tanulnom. Bár csak azért, mert eddig az volt az alapfeltevésem, hogy éjszaka nem tudok hatékonyan tanulni, és ez megdőlni látszik. Viszont ha minden este beszúrom ezt a két-három óra plusz alvást, azzal egyrészt nagyon sok potenciálisan hasznos időt vesztek el, másrészt még hajnal négykor is csak nehezen tudok elaludni, amiből következik, hogy másnap ismét reménytelen, hogy tudjak valami hasznosat csinálni abban a pár órában, amikor már amúgy is kómás lennék.

Ezzel semmi gond nem is lenne, ha a mikro-makro satöbbi tizennégy vizsgám mellé nem szeretnék még esetleg valami kellemeset is csinálni időnként. Vagy most jön az az időszak, amikor tényleg a tanuláson kívül semmi mást nem tudok csinálni?


The situation with all the various casts of anime just pisses me off. CrunchyRoll is doing its part by announcing shows the very last moment, and even then some projects end up very-late-casted, which doesn’t really concern speedsubbers. NicoNico and Funimation are just announcing stuff, but most of their stuff are either late, or low quality, or no one rips them.

I have the policy of not to compete with simulcasts, because it’s wasted work and definitely not fun, but it’s hard to plan at all when the companies are just announcing their shows but don’t bother saying how late it will be.

Also, why does it feel like i’m the only translator available in the summer? Everyone else is turning down jobs for the sake of going to the beach or what?


Most, amikor ezeket a sorokat írom, éppen igencsak ittas vagyok.

Az alapállás az, hogy hirtelen mindenki mindent feliratozni akart, csak én maradtam ki, és semmiről nem tudtam… A lényeg az, hogy én hajnal öt körül kerültem ágyba, amikor a szerverem épp meghalt, hurrá.

Aztán délután lefordítottam a Mayo Chiki első részét. Jó lesz ez.

Aztán írt egy klubos kóhájom (alsóbbéves bajtársam), hogy megyek-e a Tanabata alkalmából tartott matsurira (mulatságra). Amúgy a Tanabata az tegnap volt, július hetedikén, amikor elvileg Orihime és Hikoboshi kívánságokat teljesítenek. Én azt kötöttem a bambuszra, hogy legyek boldog, remélem bejön.

Estig aztán ittunk a klubos cimborákkal meg beszélgettünk, az egyetemen vége lett a bulinak, mi utána az elsőévesek egy híján eltűntek, én meg mentem a basszusgitárosok ivászatára. Taxival mentünk, szerencsére nem én fizettem. Egy jó fej szenpáj lakására mentünk, az illető főzött is (nem kell túlértékelni, mindennek égett olaj íze volt).



7月25日: 産業組織論、価格理論
7月26日: 文化への問い
7月27日: 環境プロジェクト論
7月28日: 英語、経済政策論
8月1日: マクロ経済学B、ミクロ経済学A
8月2日: ミクロ経済学B、国際金融論
8月3日: 人的資源管理論、データベースシステムI、マクロ経済学A
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