Month: May 2014

Az a fránya angol

Megy a majré, hogy milyen felháborítóan nehéz volt az emelt angol érettségi hallásértési feladata. Az a bizonyos Picasso. Biztos csak a külföldre szabadult ember beszél belőlem, de erre csak annyit tudok mondani, hogy: Magyarország. Ugyan miért nem rinyál a magyar ember?


Now that the spring event is over, my KanColle playstyle changes once again. Back in university I had the time (or just didn’t care that I don’t) to play actively all day every day, and I was clearing all the quests, even those vastly cost-ineffective. Which as a side effect resulted in that I was poor. I remember feeling rich having 7-8 thousands of resources.


During the past month, one question we were asked pretty often was whether we want to move on to the creative or the management side of production. I answered management without hesitation, since I don’t feel an ounce of creativity in myself that I thought to be essential for the other path.


After five years of flying thousands of miles every winter, I finally got a mileage card. Stupid, I know. I’m positive I’d have become a gold member in a year if I got one when I moved to Japan… Either way, I’ll keep gathering miles now (and hang out in elite lounges at airports as soon as I can) – although I’m a little concerned if I’ll have time to fly whatsoever in the coming few years. I have no issues with working all day every day, but visiting my family around Christmas is something I’m not willing to give up.

Whitstable Bay

The last of the Shepherd Neame beers on shelf at the nearby supermarket was the organic ale named Whistable Bay. I don’t know if it’s because of the “organic” or not, but it’s a really (taste-wise) smooth and quiet beer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s full-bodied, but not in a heavy way, so it’s quite refreshing. Even I recognize a subtle grapefruit-ish aroma from the hops in it.  It somehow reminds me of classic all-butter shortbread.

The best part of this all, which I only noticed today, is that these imported ales in 500ml bottles are only 3 yen more expensive than the 300ml can Japanese beers. I think you can guess which am I going to pick.




Mainbrace IPA

Now I get it why people are all going on about IPA this, IPA that. (Although I see people going “it’s not even a proper IPA” in the reviews all around, I don’t have any other point of reference…) It’s pretty damn good indeed. It stays an ale while having all the hops and bitterness that I like in beers. It was a bit surprising that I could taste the alcohol in it, which I usually can’t in good beers. It has what I missed from the other two Shepherd Neame I tried the past days: a lingering aftertaste. Out of the three so far, this is one I definitely would buy again if I got a chance.

Midway (or not)


After a week and a half of struggling, today I finished the spring event of Kancolle. This was the second event I completed after the Christmas Arpeggio collaboration, as I gave up on E3 during Iron Bottom Sound.


Tonight I opened another Shepherd Neame beer, a Kentish strong ale called 1698. Even if I’m not a big fan of pale ales, this one made me go “yumm”. It’s sweet and smooth, and reminds me of the ciders I had in England. I was a bit surprised when despite its entirely different character I discovered some of the beer-ish tones I was familiar with. To be honest, because of its well-rounded caramel sweetness, it feels like a crossover between a pale ale and a stout.

But here I am again trying to sound smarter and more knowledgeable about beers than I am, so you’d be better off with some pros’ reviews instead.

Beer beer

For a change I’m not talking about music, but about the actual beverage. I ran out of food so today after I got out of the studio I went shopping to my usual supermarket “nearby”. (Reminds me, this was the last day of my tutorial month, I’m gonna get assigned to a studio finally next Wednesday.) As I was about to pick up my usual six-pack of Sapporo Black Label, I noticed a few interesting-looking bottles nearby.