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The Global Rescue Experience

For my trip to Pakistan last summer, I’d signed up for the Global Rescue travel insurance in addition to my “normal” membership. I’ve been using this setup for most of my expeditions, since the membership covers helicopter rescue (a very important aspect especially in rural Pakistan) and the travel insurance covers pretty much everything else (though they refused to pay for my camera that was stolen in Argentina). For the Broad Peak + K2 expedition it wasn’t even a cheap endeavor with the travel insurance clocking in at almost $9000. However it included “interrupt for any reason” coverage, meaning it should pay up for pretty much any reason.

View from a little above crampon point on Broad Peak


LUPINUSで逃してしまったWisteriaが俺にとってのメインだったが、ちゃんと最後まで楽しめるライブが渋谷THE GAMEで開催された。



大学の軽音部で何回かMad Capsule Marketsのコピバンが見れてかなり好きな音楽になった。AA=がその後継として(語弊)存在してることは数年前に知った。そしてやっとライブで本家が見れた。山嵐のツアーの最後のステージでAA=が出るという豪華な組み合わせはさすがに逃しません。


最後に花見行こうとしたのはもう数年前になる。その時も行ったもののすぐ雨が降り出したのでファミレス入ってランチで終わった。コロナ禍もあってなかなかそういう集まりも難しいとな… でも今年はもう諸々の規制のほとんど解除されたこともあって、石神井公園の八重桜の下で花見できた。





最近発見したバンドのEarthists.を見たかったので渋谷のMARUDASHI CARNIVALいってきた。Earthists.以外でもC-GATEなど日本のヘビーなバンドが勢ぞろい。ただこの日はかなり予定が複雑で… 朝から奥多摩で山登ってから御岳渓谷で軽くボルダリング、からのEarthists.だけ見てから一旦抜けて友だちと炙り食べてワイン飲んでの予定があって、から終電までMARUDASHIに戻った(そして終電で帰ってから近所で更に飲んでたけどそれはまた別)。

Knotfest Japan 2023

Knotfest is back! I’ve been there both times it was organized in Japan (though I only have a blog post from the 2016 event). I had to look through my photo archives to confirm I was there in 2014 too, and I was surprised to “learn” that apparently I’d seen Korn live back then… This year the plan was different.

Hearing Loss Park 2023

I’ve been to Loud Park twice before, in 2012 (got a shirt but no blogpost) and 2016, so I was pretty happy to hear it was coming back after years of covid-forced absence. The lineup caught my eye because of Pantera—I thought they’d never tour again since the Abbott brothers died, so this was a chance I wasn’t willing to let go (even though I’m not that much of a Pantera fan).





Observing my own behavior I realize that I tend to get “addicted” to things. For example last year it was League in the early months and interior design after getting back from Pakistan. Of course it’s on top of my generic routine of going to the gym and hiking, climbing and/or snowboarding, but it also means that it takes a huge amount of effort to focus on anything else. Even if I want to code up some of my ideas, I’d end up playing ranked for hours or looking up reversible interior hacks for my tiny flat.

For the past few weeks the ongoing addiction has been playing the bass. I don’t know why it suddenly clicked so hard (since I’ve owned a bass for over a decade now and practiced some riffs on and off) but it did. It’s been since I graduated (and thus stopped playing actively) that I had calluses on my fingers. My sense of rhythm is still trash, but even when I was in the music club it took two years to develop that, so no rush there.

This time though I picked up an audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) so that I can hear and record better. I’ve often seen Youtube musicians joke about “the first time you hear yourself recorded” and damn it’s true. The bad is real. But I guess that’s what makes the progress of learning new stuff so enjoyable.

Just a casual idea

I haven’t read the manga of En-en no Shouboutai, only enjoyed some of the anime, but here’s one idea. In episode 10 there’s a scene of the sun setting… except we know with maps that the camera is located in Tokyo.

Now give it a thought. A sunset from Tokyo with Tanzawa in that direction (a point of view familiar to anyone who’s driven out on the Chuo highway) means that there should be Mt Fuji in front of the sun there. Except there isn’t. Maybe it’s a cloudy day? Doesn’t look so bad really.

So then… If there’s no Mt Fuji, where did it go? In a world of “fire everywhere” I wonder where a volcano could possibly go. Maybe a small little eruption? Marginally cataclysmic?