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Legality and popularity

Let’s consider there’s an online outlet for anime – a streaming site, a fansub group or something along those lines. Let’s say that this outlet is insanely popular, and even catches the attention of the creators of the anime. Who, in some sudden urge of generosity, instead of sending a DMCA takedown notice or bringing on some costy lawsuit, offer to make the online releases official even. However, as soon as the service becomes official, its popularity vanishes in a puff. Why could that be? (In a more general sense: why do illegal services lose their popularity once they become legal/official?)


In the past week I think I watched more anime than otherwise in a whole year. I finished Strike Witches, i watched Railgun, Code Geass (both seasons) and Steins;Gate.

As a result, my biorhythm is an ugly mess. I’m actually making some “effort” to sleep at more healthy times for more healthy intervals, but of course that’s easier said than done. Especially when thursday nights i’m translating three shows – it was originally two, but for a few weeks now the translator for Sasami has been busy with school (i think), leaving me in charge of the show.

Legend of Korra

So yesterday I watched the first episode of Legend of Korra, this year’s new season of Avatar. Then in two days I watched the rest of it as well.

This is what I call a good series. It’s american, terribly so, full of cliches, even more so, but it still made me watch “just one more episode” of it until it was all over. Looking forward to the next season next year.

Guess so

Although i started a series of blogposts about the anime i was working on (back then) and the classes i took this semester, i continued neither. I haven’t even updated my fansub listing page where i was supposed to keep track of my translations. At least i know the reason for the latter. It’s not that i don’t care, it’s just that i’d have to download every release i translated to make a screenshot from it (i don’t really keep workraws and streamed videos are troublesome to take screenshots from), and especially now that i have a backlog of about four-five complete series to post there, i really can’t bother to download everything just for the sake of screenshots. So if someone would be so kind as to give me (preferably funny) screenshots from every episode (one from an episode is enough) of Ben-to, Phi Brain and Guilty Crown, from the first six or so episodes of Shana Final and Digimon Xros Hunters, and also my current projects (Poyopoyo, Symphogear, Ano Natsu, Nisemonogatari), i’d be really grateful. (I’d say thanks. And I’d mean it.) As for the blogposts, i was just lazy to write about stuff. Maybe i’ll write about them later. Or now.

The best anime of 2011, cont.

I decided to put the one-shots and movies separetely… Though it’s only one one-shot and one movie i’d like to write about.

Just yesterday i translated Kyosogiga. It was… Well, it was quite unexpected. Reading the description on the charts i was expecting something like Yozakura Quartet (an anime i loved), but instead i got an anime scarily similar to FLCL (an anime i loved). The word puns are way tougher than anything even in Bakemonogatari. It was awesome, even if i’ve to admit that my translation is probably quite far from perfect. (Also, i’d like to shout out a big “fuck you” to the japanese people who scanned the hand-outs from the screening with the ED lyrics and uploaded only a thumbnail of it. I lack the required perk to catch any of that engrish crap.) If it was a series and not just a one-shot, it’d be on the top.

The other one is the movie Mardock Scramble. I haven’t actually translated it, just checked the translation, but that amazing cyberpunk sci-fi world was just… too great. I really can’t wait to watch the second movie in the series, and if it’s going to be just as awesome as the first one, chances are i couldn’t stop watching it on loop (just like i couldn’t stop watching for example the 2009 Star Trek movie). If you haven’t seen it yet, you must.

The best anime of 2011

This year i haven’t really watched any anime i wasn’t working on. Luckily i worked on quite a few, so let me just write down which ones i enjoyed the most. Before anyone mentions Star Driver, which is obviously the best anime of the past 4 seasons, i don’t count that as 2011 since it started in 2010.

The first one i worked on was Gosick. I only translated the first five or so episodes, then watched another five or so, and then forgot about it completely. The next was Madoka, which i translated from episode 9 on, and it was fun, but looking back it’s a bit too insane for my tastes. It was the big hit of the year for sure though.

Then came a lot of stuff at once. C, Hen Zemi, Denpa Onna, Blue Exorcist. C could have been the best, because the whole idea and all the economy stuff was very close to me (studying economy), but the story and the ending was crap squared. Hen Zemi was pure fun, and the kind of fun i’d rather not show to kids before they could appreciate it (and thanks to this series i got to know the awesome band 横浜銀蝿), but i can’t really say it was the best. Neither was Ao no Exorcist, which turned out to be a bit too general shonen anime with a very weird ending. I’m still reading the manga though.

Why Guilty Crown is crap

tl;dr version: the main character is as annoying as nothing i’ve ever seen before.

Longer version: the main character is as annoying as nothing i’ve ever seen before. He really acts like a spoiled brat, only concentrating on his own pitiful little existence, while trying to tell himself how he cares about others. Then comes a depressive fit that would fit even in Evangelion, and he feels low because he was forced to face what an utter asshole he is again. But change? Or at least try to change? Not a chance. Just keep thinking about betraying the people who saved him and whom he saved plenty of times, even after six (six!) episodes (and i’m pretty sure he will actually do it once and then surprise surprise they’ll forgive him because he has the Hand). Just keep sulking about the girl superstar who he had a crush on, but who rather favors a military genius, the leader of the group, who is as awesome and cool as can get. Just keep acting as if you were more mature than the others and look down on them, don’t even consider that maybe all those adult men and women actually know what they are doing and signed up knowing all the risks–therefore they don’t need your little high-school worries.

This show would be so much better if this shitty brat just died in episode one.

Shakugan no Shana 3

So Shana. RHE asked me to do it, and i jumped on the chance of translating such a legendary series, even if i haven’t seen the second season or any of the specials or movies, and it’s been ages since the first season, so i hardly remember anything of it. (Let’s be honest: nothing.) I expected it to be a relatively easy show, but contrary to my expectations it ended up the hardest. After translating the last two episodes of Dantalian without any major problems, i was pretty surprised that i had so much trouble with Shana. It all comes down to that i had no idea of the context, so i was furiously googling for ages by the time i realized the word i can’t make any sense of is a name or a phrase specific to the series. As by now i more or less picked up the vocab and i know what to expect, from the second episode on, the translation mistakes will be all mostly gone (rather not make hasty promises). Not to mention that if i don’t have to investigate for half an hour whenever a phrase like Crimson Denizens or Torch shows up, it’ll be faster too. Don’t give up on me just yet.

Phi Brain

I’m translating Phi Brain for WhyNot. It’s an anime about puzzles, on the NHK Education channel, so before and after the show there are plenty of related programmes too for the kids, all about the various puzzles, the mythical and historical references in the anime and so on. The main characters are all there during the opening song, and from the first two episodes i have a rough idea of where the story is headed in the first ten or so episodes, but i really can’t even guess how it’d progress after that.

The script is easy, so if i screw up something, i honestly apologize. Also, this is the first show i work on to have the lyrics for the opening and ending songs in the captions.

Így megy

Az utóbbi napokban nem sok mindent csináltam, bár azért az a nem sok sem kevés. Például StarCraftoztam, azt sokat. Meg fordítottam, meg lektoráltam, meg hasonló jóságok. Ja és a saját gyűjtőoldalamra elkezdtem kipakolni azokat a munkáimat, amiket az elmúlt két hónapban produkáltam, amióta nem frissítettem. Tegnap ráadásul annyi mindent raktam ki, hogy belefáradtam abba a pár bugba, ami benne maradt a kódban, és gyorsan kijavítottam azt is. (Ezzel kapcsolatban pedig észrevettem, hogy a szerveren be van kapcsolva a magic_quotes, nagyon nem értékelem – bár szerencsére (ezt) a régi blogmotort nem zavarja, mert itt minden háromszor van átellenőrizve.)

Plusz természetesen minden nap megyek kondiba és futni, holnapra be van tervezve egy újabb bringatúra (bár azt nem tudom, hogy most hova fogok menni, valószínűleg ugyanúgy csak a fejem után, mint a múlt héten). A kondinak megvan már végre a hatása, kezdek emberként kinézni, és a futásnak is – míg egy hónapja a négyezret alig bírtam lefutni fél óra alatt, most már a hatezerrel kacsingatok.