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In the past week I think I watched more anime than otherwise in a whole year. I finished Strike Witches, i watched Railgun, Code Geass (both seasons) and Steins;Gate.

As a result, my biorhythm is an ugly mess. I’m actually making some “effort” to sleep at more healthy times for more healthy intervals, but of course that’s easier said than done. Especially when thursday nights i’m translating three shows – it was originally two, but for a few weeks now the translator for Sasami has been busy with school (i think), leaving me in charge of the show.

Legend of Korra

So yesterday I watched the first episode of Legend of Korra, this year’s new season of Avatar. Then in two days I watched the rest of it as well.

This is what I call a good series. It’s american, terribly so, full of cliches, even more so, but it still made me watch “just one more episode” of it until it was all over. Looking forward to the next season next year.