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A dream

Before going to sleep last night i did the first episode of Nyanpire, and i guess it had some influence on my dreams. At least the very last one i still vaguely remember. Mostly just impressions remain, but i know one thing for sure: it was hell of a cool dream.

I was in a huge, huge jungle with my group or tribe. I get the feeling that we were once ambushed by vampires, but i can’t actually remember that part, and because of that we were all humanoid nyanpires (sic). We were wandering around the forest and encountered other tribes. There was an ice tribe (yeah, in the middle of the jungle), there was a tribe who used plants i think, and there was one more, but i really can’t remember that. And there was some common enemy that we, my tribe were running from, but the other tribes decided to stand against them – and against us as well, in cases.

Before waking up the last scene was me standing on the side of a small lake or river, with a village on my left, looking at the very high waterfall in front of me, because the enemy was coming from that direction, and it felt as if they were catching up.

It was really a cool dream. We should totally have devices to record dreams. This would make an amazing Hollywood movie.


Stuff that i’d translate: Kamisama Dolls, Blood-C, No. 6, Dantalian no Shoka, R-15. If they are not simulcasted, then it’s only a matter of which group will let me do it. R-15 would be on WhyNot, that’s for sure.

Stuff that could even end up good: Usagi Drop, Mayo Chiki, Nekogami Yaoyorozu, Nyanpire the animation, Sacred Seven. We’ll see.

Deadman Wonderland manga

After feeling a bit disappointed with the first four episodes of the Deadman Wonderland anime, i decided to check whether the manga is any better. It is.

A lot, and i mean a lot darker than the anime so far, hell a lot of crazy grins and madness and blood and gore, though i’m not sure if Ganta is actually a more bearable character there or just in a manga it’s easier to ignore his whining. (I remember the Crow telling him “you still cry too much”. So true.)

And although most of the storyline is quite predictable, the main twist still remains hell of a twist. Problem is, according to what little i could find about the anime, it’ll be just 12 episodes, which is enough for like nothing of the story to be unfolded. Especially considering that 4 of those are already gone… I guess they’ll just leave out the main twist, and stop the story midway.

I’d appreciate it so much more if with manga still in production, especially slow monthly ones (cf, Ao no Exorcist, Yumekui Merry, Deadman Wonderland), they’d wait more before making it into some half-assed anime remake with a well-whatever level of story.

Deadman Wonderland

The above pic describes the main character Ganta quite correctly. He’s plain annoying. At least in Eureka Seven there was some character development, we knew why those who were annoying in ways were annoying. Basic: if you don’t make the watcher feel what the characters feel, the characters fear and joy will seem nothing more than just annoying overreaction.

Deadman Wonderland seemed interesting, a cool concept and stuff, but it’s just so lame that i’m seriously considering dropping it. Would be a shame.

Madoka is over

Didn’t mention it before, but thursday i translated the last two episodes of Madoka. It’s over. You can join the Church if you want, i’ll pass on that.

If you don’t know what this is about, you missed the anime of the winter season or possibly even of the year.

Also, yfw dat end.

Real Drive

A while ago somewhere i read the anime title “Real Drive”, and it sounded interesting, so i checked it out. Let me sum it up in one word: no.

It is exactly what you can see on this picture. Fat girls and old people. Okay, there might be quite long and quite boring dialogs too, and some nice tech ideas, but other than that it’s pretty much unwatchable.

Drop after two episodes. I think this is a new record.

Eureka Seven

A while ago i saw a certain pic on /a/, one featuring a boy standing in front of a mecha. I liked the art style so i asked, and it turned out to be from Eureka Seven. Then during the netless days of early april, i decided to start watching it, then i just couldn’t stop. Watched the first 25 episodes in a day, then the other 25 in the matter of another few days. Then for days i was rewatching the last few episodes over and over again.


Most elhatároztam, hogy megnézem az eddigi három részt a Hanasaku Irohából, ha már eddig nem volt érkezésem. Első benyomások: csodálatos. Nagyszerű rajzolás, jó hangulat.

Az a jelenet meg, ahol Ohana azon a lejtőn megy fel (lásd a kép fentebb) eszembe juttatott egy videót a tsunamiról, amit pont egy ugyanolyan helyről vettek fel. Az elég megrázó volt.

Spice and Wolf

I couldn’t really get myself to work today, instead i watched another anime i was planning to watch for a very long time, Spice and Wolf (狼と香辛料). I finished the first season just now, and it was…

So beautiful. It’s set in the fictional middle-ages in a fictional land, but the whole story doesn’t feel like your usual fantasy story. It has lots of economy talk, since Lawrence, the male lead is a merchant, and there aren’t fairies or mages running around. Even when gods show up they feel real.

I usually don’t listen to the opening songs of anime, but in the case of Spice and Wolf the reason was different from usual: the song is very good, actually way too good. It feels so full of emotions i just couldn’t listen to it every time.

Generally the whole anime is touching on a level as tearjerker dramas, without being so sad. It’s just the story, the art, the characters, the music, it’s all so warm-

I lack words, sorry. Watch it and you shall understand.


I had some free time yesterday, or not, but that doesn’t really matter, the point is i did an anime marathon and watched all 15 episodes of Bakemonogatari (化物語).

I won’t go into details because i realize i’m not good at writing reviews, so just the main characteristics: amazing art style, great story and character designs, a lot of word play and much humour. And action, and romance, and pretty much everything that can make an anime good, and this anime is good.

Or more than that, but “well, that’s like, my opinion”.