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Being awesome

I wasn’t in a good shape recently. Always sleepy, always exhausted, never in the mood to do anything, easily frustrated. Then I had enough.

I’ve been putting off cleaning my room for months, so you can guess what a spectacular mess I had to face tonight at 2am when I decided to follow Barney Stinson’s everlasting advice, and stop letting life get the better of me, and be awesome instead – starting with cleaning my room. Yes, at 2am.

I looked at the frightening amount of stuff, ranging from Amazon boxes to spam flyers, took a deep breath and some time later I ended up with a huge pile of neatly packed trash instead, that’s gonna have to wait until next week (when the next trash day comes). Obviously I wouldn’t start vacuuming my room in the middle of the night, so that’s gonna have to wait until the weekend.

Some weekend.


This Sunday I went to the last day of the 2015 summer Comiket. It was as usual: hot, crowded, awesome. Last winter I realized that I could actually afford to buy stuff, and at this point that I don’t have to worry about buying another dojin music album ruining my food budget, I went wild.






Using people

I might’ve just read too many crime novels, or maybe it’s just that it was stated loud and clear in Hyouka, but when someone tells me that they are counting on me, or that they trust me, I can’t not feel that they’re (just) trying to manipulate me.

I can’t really put my finger on what feels so off about it. Especially since it’s usually people I know and have worked with for a long time telling me so, it could as well be a totally innocent, honest expression of their trust. Yet, it feels so wrong.


Good days, bad days

Everyone, even Garfield hates Mondays, and I’m no exception from that. The way it violates the (hopefully) progress of a weekend and plunges you back back into the dull, mechanical days of work.

Now I’ve got one more reason to hate Mondays. Yesterday, while on an errand in vain (the stuff I was supposed to pick up hadn’t arrived yet), a dutiful cop spotted me checking my phone while stopped in a traffic jam, and I guess you can figure out the rest. It’s “reassuring” to know that policemen are the enemy of people everywhere.

On the other hand, today was pretty nice. While on the rerun of aforementioned errand, I sent in a request to a local radio and they actually played the song I asked for. That felt really nice, and the fact that for the first time in a month I was home from work before midnight felt even nicer.

Úti kalandok

Az út a máltai Qala és Salgótarján között nem volt épp eseménytelen. A Gozo-Málta kompig minden rendben is volt, aztán amikor partot ért a hajó, kezdődött a buli. Először is azzal, hogy valakinek a kompon nem indult a kocsija, ami miatt vagy húsz percet vártunk, mire lejutottunk a hajóról (közben az óra ketyeg, a repülő nem vár). Aztán csak hogy mindenkinek biztosítva legyen az egészségesen magas vérnyomás, a kikötőtől a reptérig szinte végig olyan dugó volt, hogy alig araszoltunk.


However, my first destination wasn’t Hungary, but Malta. One of my brothers moved there with his family this summer, and we went to spend a few days there with them before Christmas (my sister, my parents and I).

Malta doesn’t know winter. It can get a bit chilly in the night, and the wind is as expected on a small island in the middle of the sea, but it’s still just sweater weather. You ever swam in the sea in the middle of winter without having to fear freezing to death? Well, neither have I (walking in knee-deep was enough for me).

Nagy utazás

Eljött újra az évnek az a nagyszerű és sokat várt időszaka, amikor visszatérek szülőföldemre és eltöltök valamennyi időt a családom körében.

Idén egy kellemes péntek esti indítással kezdtem. Fél tizenegykor szállt fel a repülőm, úgyhogy a munkahelyemről indultam hat körül. A reptérnél sikerült rossz helyen leszállni a vonatról, ráadásul még a koreai légitársaság kártyáján gyűjtött (egy útnyi) mérföldjeimet se tudtam átrakni a kártyámra, amit használok is.


A minap jártam céges ügyben Iogi környékén, ahol (gondolom) van egy bölcsőde. Épp végeztem a dolgommal, amikor az utcán szembejött velem egy óvónéni egy targoncányi gyerekkel. Pontosabban két óvónéni. Egyikük pórázon vezetett három-négy nagyobbacska kölyköt, míg a másikuk egy babatargoncát tolt. Olyan szerkezetet kell elképzelni, mint amiket nagyobb hotelekben használnak a takarítók a szennyes összegyűjtésére, csak éppen nem lepedőkkel volt tele, hanem két-három éves vakarcsokkal. Ha valakinek egy kisgyereket látva az az első gondolata, hogy “de édes” (és nem “fúj broáf“, mint nekem), halálos cuki-túladagolást okozhat.

Boom headshot

Well, not head, just shot. A while back they told us at the office that we are to get influenza shots. I wasn’t delighted by the idea, since there wasn’t a time in the past 10 or so years when I’d not faint when they punched a needle in me. Usually it was just from taking blood, but once I managed to pass out when the dentist gave me an anaesthetic shot. (I got the rest of my teeth fixed without it.)

I complained a lot about having to get a needle hit me, but while it definitely wasn’t compulsory, even passing out for a few minutes is better than being knocked out with the flu for days because some retard sneezed on me on the train. So today I went and, guess what! I managed not to pass out. Guess I was just unlucky at the dentist?

I still won’t be donating blood though.