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Tavaszi hó

Milyen jó is az, amikor télen próbálnék síelni menni, és minden sípálya félig-meddig üzemel csak, mert “meleg a tél” és “alig van hó”. Először egy félprofi panaszkodott erről a Hotaka síliftjén, aztán amikor Nozawára mentem, hogy akkor megtanulok sífutni, minden sífutás órát lemondtak a szezonra, mondván nincs elég hó. Utána a Nishi-Hotaka oldalában is kérdéses volt, hogy tudunk-e hótalpas túrázni (bár az végül sikerült).

2019 in review

This year was quite thick in events so I decided to write a year retrospect for a change. I read somewhere that people tend to do wild things when they’re nearing a “round” age like 30, except I read about this after I planned most of the stuff listed below… It definitely did turn into a very eventful 30th.

2018 in retrospect

2018 was a trainwreck if I judge by the news, but a friend of mine wrote a quite positive post about their year, which inspired me to do the same. One of the first things that come to mind is that I should write about stuff when they’re fresh in memory, because I barely remember what I did last week, let alone last year (though currently the two overlap).

Round trip

I like travelling. Who doesn’t, really? Also, I like taking pretty pictures. However, armed only with my phone, the possibilities are limited. Taking a scenery photo during the day will turn out nice, but trying to capture a giant red moon rising at night would be a futile attempt.




Hi, I just turned 28 two weeks ago. Not much has changed since, so I thought I’d do the unusual and sum up what’s been up the past year. Interestingly enough, it was right last October that I decided to leave the anime business and accept a friend’s invitation to working as a programmer.










I hate my body

I mean it. I don’t mean it in the emo teen way of being unsatisfied with my body. It’s vexing that my body doesn’t work the way I want it to. And even if it’s got a relatively high uptime, just as with an ISP, if it goes down even just once a week, then that ISP is shit – and my uptime’s not that good.