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In motion

I don’t know how it’s at other schools, but my university had compulsory PE classes. Sure only once a week and only for two semesters, but it was still annoying. Except for one good thing: there was an option to take a few days long ski trip instead of the regular class in the winter semester. Which of course I did. It was my first time skiing and I loved it. That was in 2011.

On Mount Buddha

I was looking for a mountain to climb. I wanted something easy for a change, but still preferably one of the 100 famous mountains of Japan. In the end I went with Mt Daibosatsu, which is relatively close, easy to access (that is when the buses run) and isn’t difficult.






Decided to back-date this post so that it won’t be so far from when it actually happened. It was the beginning of November and I had to start worrying about not being able to access mountains anymore. Most buses on mountain roads don’t run in the winter months, and honestly I’m not that a huge fan of renting cars.


Idén már alighanem a Yake-dake lesz az utolsó hegy, amit meg tudok mászni a japán Északi Alpokban. Amikor reggel megérkeztem a busszal Kamikochiba, a Hotaka már fehér volt…

Kirishima és Kaimon

Két hete aztán délre mentem, és megmásztam Kagoshima két hegyét: szombaton a Kirishimát, vasárnap a Kaimont.



Climbing Ibuki

During my university years I used to live in Hikone, pretty much walking distance (exaggerating here) from Mt Ibuki, one of the 100 famous mountains of Japan. It is (was?) a major ski destination that hosted some winter Olympics too.


Félelmetes, hogy már egy hónapja volt, hogy megmásztam a második háromezresemet (az első a Fuji volt még évekkel ezelőtt). A Norikura a japán Északi Alpok egyik csúcsa, és bár 3025m magas, relatíve könnyű elérni a csúcsot.