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Tamamura House IPA

Nagano is the home of great craft beer in Japan, and Tamamura‘s House IPA fits in well. You might know the brewery from their Shiga Kogen brand.

Tamamura House IPA

SanktGallen Yokohama XPA

I figured that XPA stands for Extra Pale Ale without even looking it up. I guessed it’d be a very strongly hopped IPA. I was right.

SanktGallen Yokohama XPA

Oh! La! Ho! Bossa Nova Summer IPA

Karuizawa beer has a fame that it’s gotta live up to. My expectations were high for this IPA, and it was indeed quite a ride.

Karuizawa Summer Ale

BrewDog Punk IPA

When I see a bright blue can of beer with a logo design using a font that could as well be from VTKS lineup, furthermore called “punk”, I just feel this urge to give it a try.

Punk IPA

Craft beer in Ikebukuro

Saturday night. The party town of Ikebukuro. The craft beer and sake bar called 万事快調 (“all’s well”). Of course I forgot to take any pictures, so I just used the one from Tabelog.


Aooni IPA

The Blue Demon of India (インドの青鬼) is an IPA by the same people who brought you Yona-Yona.

Blue Demon

Mainbrace IPA

Now I get it why people are all going on about IPA this, IPA that. (Although I see people going “it’s not even a proper IPA” in the reviews all around, I don’t have any other point of reference…) It’s pretty damn good indeed. It stays an ale while having all the hops and bitterness that I like in beers. It was a bit surprising that I could taste the alcohol in it, which I usually can’t in good beers. It has what I missed from the other two Shepherd Neame I tried the past days: a lingering aftertaste. Out of the three so far, this is one I definitely would buy again if I got a chance.