Month: May 2011

Pass grade

I had difficulties with my new coffee maker, but now it’s more or less okay. They did send most of the missing parts, but even after sending them a photo of the manual, and circling the missing stuff with thick red, they managed to leave out one… Luckily my previous coffee maker had the same part, and although the size is a bit different, it works, so i won’t bother emailing them about sending me that single metal filter. I think i should’ve just lied that all the additional parts were missing, so that they’d send them all. Whatever. I figured how to make espresso with it, i tried, and although i messed up one, i managed to make a good one to wake me up. Change “telly” to “coffee” in the Toy Dolls song and you’ll understand what’s going on.

Oh you’re kidding me

They did send me parts for the coffee machine, but they missed the mark with which parts to send. I wrote it down clean and clear that it didn’t have the parts for espresso-making, yet they sent me the parts for the drip coffee maker. Great.

Emailed them again, i took a photo of the manual which lists the parts, and circled the missing ones with thick red in Gimp so that they’d surely get it. Hope they will.

But it’s funny in a way.

See, this is how it’s done

This is a good day. The sun shines bright outside, which means the rain is finally gone after days and days of pretty much non-stop showers. Actually, i don’t know if it was yesterday or wednesday, but it was raining so badly, that they issued a 大雨警報 (heavy rainfall warning, just like with tsunami and earthquake warning). Someone tweeted a park turned into a feet-deep pond.

Also, with Commie we managed to release Denpa Onna before Mazui, which is great. That alone could make my day.

Also, although yesterday evening i got my coffee maker, some parts were missing from the package, so i couldn’t make any espresso with it. I emailed the company about it like ten minutes after the package arrived, and just now they replied saying that they apologize for the inconvenience and have posted the missing parts already. Now this is how it’s to be done.

Now i should do some fansubbing, or go out photosynthesizing, because this is a good day.

Artas – Riotology

As the Angry Metal Guy points out, Riotology by Artas might not be the most original piece of music in any way, it’s still good. You won’t hear anything that In Flames or Killswitch Engage or anything close to those lines haven’t done before, but the solution to that is simple: don’t expect anything original. Mediafada, etc.


No, i’m not asking you to repeat what you just said on the phone because i don’t understand the words, but because you’re not opening your mouth when it’s a rainstorm going on outside, and i can’t hear anything of what you’re saying. Also, repeating the same phrase shouted in some creepy broken engrish is way worse than saying it again, clear, so that it may be audible at all.

Also, if i mark that i’d like the package delivered from eight to nine pm, there might be a reason for that, and i would not like you to deliver it at other times, considering that i might not be at home, or sleeping, or something ordinary like that. Or if you show up ten minutes early, then at least ring that doorbell, not just call me about that you think they mistyped the address (which by the way they did, good job).

And when i call you back fifteen minutes later (excuse me for taking a nap), which makes it barely a few minutes after eight, don’t go telling me that you’ll be delivering it tomorrow, because i happened to see that your depot is two minutes walking from my place, and though i understand it’s raining cats and dogs out there, it’s still your precious job to deliver that thing to me. And fifty minutes (remember, i marked 8-9 pm) is enough for that.

Thank you.

Deadman Wonderland manga

After feeling a bit disappointed with the first four episodes of the Deadman Wonderland anime, i decided to check whether the manga is any better. It is.

A lot, and i mean a lot darker than the anime so far, hell a lot of crazy grins and madness and blood and gore, though i’m not sure if Ganta is actually a more bearable character there or just in a manga it’s easier to ignore his whining. (I remember the Crow telling him “you still cry too much”. So true.)

And although most of the storyline is quite predictable, the main twist still remains hell of a twist. Problem is, according to what little i could find about the anime, it’ll be just 12 episodes, which is enough for like nothing of the story to be unfolded. Especially considering that 4 of those are already gone… I guess they’ll just leave out the main twist, and stop the story midway.

I’d appreciate it so much more if with manga still in production, especially slow monthly ones (cf, Ao no Exorcist, Yumekui Merry, Deadman Wonderland), they’d wait more before making it into some half-assed anime remake with a well-whatever level of story.

Esős évszak?

Csak remélem, hogy még nem, vagy ha igen, akkor gyorsan túl leszünk rajta. Az esős évszak, így május-júniusban az a része az évnek, amikor elkezdődik a szörnyű fülledtség, bár itt a tóparton még az is elviselhetőbb. Belegondolva, ez már a harmadik alkalom lesz, hogy a hónapnyi esőt itt látom Japánban…

Az jó, ha a szobában ülve hallgatom, ahogy kint dobol a… nagyjából mindenen az eső, de amikor ki kell mozdulni, nyűg. Főleg, hogy hirtelen nagyjából tíz fokot emelkedett az átlaghőmérséklet, és ötven százalékot a páratartalom. Már teljesen elszoktam tőle, hogy izzadnom kell.

Elemi erejű másnaposság

Nem, amúgy, meglepően nem. Tegnap este megvolt a 新入部員確定コンパ (nagyjából egy ivászat annak örömére, hogy eldőlt, kik lépnek be a klubba), aztán folytatásként karaoke, majd zárásként ráment ettünk (így utólag belegondolva azért meglep, hogy így éjfél magasságában még nyitva volt a hely) és az egyik felsőbbévesnél hédereztünk későig.

A probléma gyökere ott leledzik, hogy a karaokéban volt három-négy kancsó műanyag-narancslé és kóla, ami a bulihangulatot igencsak lohasztotta. Fogtam hát magam, és elkövettem az este (a két nap) hibáját, és vettem 300 jenért valami alsó-polcos whiskyt. Ezzel még semmi gond nem lett volna, már többször is volt hozzá szerencsém, de valami most félresiklott.

Aminek az lett az eredménye, hogy amikor dél körül fölkeltem, azonnal kergetett a hányinger a vécébe, majd utána amikor órákra mentem volna, ismét. (Amiben az a fura, hogy már első alkalommal is teljesen üres volt a gyomrom, gyors emésztés, lassú anyagcsere.) Este hat körül már azért sikerült feltápászkodnom, és azóta semmi bajom.

A vicces az, hogy a karaokéban az egyik lány rákérdezett, hogy mit iszok, én meg mondtam, hogy mérget. Nem gondoltam volna, hogy tényleg az volt.

Deadman Wonderland

The above pic describes the main character Ganta quite correctly. He’s plain annoying. At least in Eureka Seven there was some character development, we knew why those who were annoying in ways were annoying. Basic: if you don’t make the watcher feel what the characters feel, the characters fear and joy will seem nothing more than just annoying overreaction.

Deadman Wonderland seemed interesting, a cool concept and stuff, but it’s just so lame that i’m seriously considering dropping it. Would be a shame.

The temptation

I bought Pocky today, a nine-pack again, and i ate five of them after my late lunch. Then as i opened the fridge, the tempter came to me and whispered in my ear: eat all the remaining too!

So far i managed to withstand. I should put on some Neal Morse albums to play to support me.

Well, i would, were i not watching Dr Who. It’s so fifties. Also, makes me realize how i love the british accent. I’m at episode 3 of the first season from 2005, and it’s overloading me.