Month: September 2014

Burger King KURO Pearl and Diamond

The internet’s been on fire with the news of Burger King’s limited burger in Japan. It’s not everyday that junk food gets such attention, but this time there was a good reason to it.

Burger King KURO Diamond

A tanú

Épp most csöngetett be hozzám két Jehova tanúja, és kivételesen teljesen értelmes dolgokat mondtak. Nem azzal jöttek egyből, hogy engem mennyire szeret az Úr és hogy bánjam meg a bűneimet, hanem olyan, a mindennapi élethez közelebbről kapcsolódó dolgokkal, amik egy japánnak lehet, hogy nem egyértelműek. Azt nem tudom, hogy nekem a keresztény hátterem miatt azok-e.

Friday is not free-day

Well, yesterday wasn’t exactly the epitome of pleasantness. It didn’t start worse than average. I managed to get up at an average time in the morning and I didn’t die jogging my morning laps either. I then picked up some students from some animation school coming to visit (it’s useful to be immediately recognizable in a crowd of Japanese for such tasks). I even disarmed a rage-bomb of the director as well.

That English in your anime

Who knows where it comes from? I don’t know about the industry average, but I don’t think that there would be much variety in this matter. That is: if there is something important and clearly visible in English, then there is a high chance it will get outsourced to native translators – it’s another issue that said translators don’t necessarily put in an effort, and the Japanese staff first of all don’t know enough English to realize that, and secondly even if there is someone to point out derps, production-side people don’t really have a say in the matter.

Tamamura House IPA

Nagano is the home of great craft beer in Japan, and Tamamura‘s House IPA fits in well. You might know the brewery from their Shiga Kogen brand.

Tamamura House IPA

Karuizawa Asama Kogen alt

The Karuizawa brewery is one of the top Japanese craft beer makers, so understandably I had quite the expectations for their alt. It didn’t let me down.

Karuizawa Asama Kougen alt

Dig it?

I found Heaven & Earth’s 2013 album Dig by accident, but I still decided to give it a try. The band is a group of rock lovers, who’ve set the goal of bringing the ’80s rock sound to the people of the 2010s. That they sure manage to do.

Heaven & Earth - Dig



Food rounds

Today I once again had some crepes in Harajuku. I don’t really know where I found out about the crepe culture of the area, but chances are it was Joshiraku. It’s been half a year since I last went there (in March), and today once again I got my crepe order-made with cream cheese, blueberries and chocolate.