Month: September 2014


Vasárnap délután összefutottam két rég nem látott egyetemi barátommal.


I spent Sunday afternoon planning a system. It’s a social network-kind of thing, and I was a bit caught off guard by its scale. It seemed so simple and doable at first, but the further I progressed the larger the whole started to seem.

Then again, this is no new experience. I remember days when I’d naively believe I could write a complete blog engine in a week, and then just procrastinate instead. The procrastination part was the result of feeling lost due to the utter lack of planning, meaning I had to improvise fundamental structures that should’ve been laid down first when I was already in the higher spheres.

With the project I was working on it’s more about the sheer scale of it all, and that I don’t really know how to write it all down in a form that can show all the connections between various objects, how said objects relate to data and how the front-end is generated from them.

To put it short: it’s fun. But it’s not easy.

Back to the beginnings

I think it was about five years since I’d last visited TUFS – until today, that is. I have vague memories of visiting the campus once years ago, but I didn’t get to meet up with anyone at that time. A few months ago then came the usual email from the JLC newsletter telling me about the annual alumni meeting.


The worst thing in not having any free time whatsoever is that I don’t have neither the opportunity nor the energy to experiment. And experimenting is always fun. Just giving a try to some obscure crypto-chat client or programming language IDE can keep me going through the night, even if I’ll never even touch them ever again (as it so often happens).


Once again I got home past midnight, although I did go shopping for groceries after getting off work… Tonight was pretty tough. We got a CG check scheduled for 8pm that got pushed back over 2 hours, making me quite a bit frustrated. Remember? I don’t mind staying late doing my job, but having to stick around doing nothing is a pain in the ass.

Echigo Summer White

It’s been a while since I last had a Belgian white, and to be honest it’s not the kind of beer I would pick on a chilly, rainy autumn day, but it was the only craft beer available in the store on the way home tonight, so here we are.

Echigo Summer White

Little Brother

It’s been a while since I read Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother (and I definitely recommend it), and I didn’t really care about the whole wiretapping thing either. I was just the average, crypto-apathetic user, who didn’t bother struggling, since “I’ve got nothing to hide” and “that’s how it rolls.”

Ginga Kogen Alt

Last week on the way home from Tsukuba I went to pick up new beer, and the shop had a ranking based on IBU. The other beer I checked recently were on that list too, so I was expecting something with a bitter punch. And since the label says “unfiltered alt”, also some thick, cloudy goodness.

Ginga Kogen Alt


I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but ever since I got home in the afternoon after working out, jogging and going shopping groceries, I am pretty much constantly in a limbo between being sleepy and hungry. I don’t seem to be able to get enough of either. Despite napping a few hours in the early evening, and eating basically non-stop for the hours following, I’m still both sleepy and hungry. I guess I should just go to sleep, at least then I won’t be hungry.

Tamamura Indian Summer Saison

First time (I think) I have a saison at home, actually. I didn’t even realize what it was until I was half way through already.

Tamamura Indian Summer Saison