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Weird bugs

There are a few weird bugs in my system that I can’t figure out how to fix. I have an Ubuntu (always updated) and Windows 7 dual boot. One of the bugs is that when I reboot from one system to the other, the system time is totally messed up. When I reboot from Ubuntu to Windows, on Windows I get a system time 8 or so hours behind my timezone (I suppose it displays UTC but I didn’t check), and when I return to Ubuntu, I see the other way around: the system time is 8 or so hours ahead of what it should be. The problem is, I have no idea which system is bugged.

Edit: this can be solved by setting the UTC option in /etc/default/rcS to “no”.


The other day I wrote about how much trouble Microsoft has with branding, inspired by their last blunder with SkyOne Drive. But the other day as I was looking around in my system (running Ubuntu), I realized that MS might’ve just made the matters worse by picking the name One Drive.

9001 hours in Paint

9001 hours in Paint GIMP

KanColle Bridge 0.7

KanColle Bridge is a smart little Python app for your Ubuntu that can help you with a bunch of stuff related to your beloved shipdaughters. Work in progress.

#nowplaying button for the Ubuntu sound menu

Every now and then I get this urge to just post a #nowplaying tweet, and at such a time it’s always such a drag to type it in manually. So I thought I’d make a menu item in the Ubuntu sound menu that sends such a tweet automatically. It turned out not to be all so easy at all…

Guess what

Welcome to our regular post-Ubuntu update rant. I’m a bit disappointed that i have to write one like this again, especially since i haven’t logged on to Ubuntu for quite a while after the update came out (i stayed on Windows to play League). And even with the extra time, there were problems present.


I just got my USB wifi adapter and new mouse today, and of course my first thing was to set up network sharing. It went in a flash on Windows. I installed the wifi adapter’s drivers, and it sorted out the rest. Internet sharing was pretty much automatic.


I’ve used Chromium on my linux desktop for years now without any problems. The built-in JavaScript console and other dev features make it very convenient when i suddenly decide i wanna hack some sites, and also it syncs all my bookmarks and passwords with other Chrome/Chromium browsers running on my Windows boot or by now, on my laptop.

I noted earlier how uploading a picture to twitter on Windows 8 from Chromium on my laptop freezes the whole machine for minutes, but i thought that was just because i had a 720p video, multiple browser tabs and an irc client running too (now guess what was i doing).


So in preparation for the longer periods i’ll be spending away from home during the summer (and also a “long-time investment”), i bought an ASUS X201E notebook. It’s not a powerhorse, but it’s cheap and good enough for what i need it for (translating and checking email). It arrived the other day, and i had some fun setting it up.

Unity again

Remember how I said two years ago that Ubuntu devs should first get Unity to work and then put it in a live release? Well, it all worked quite well… Until the last distro update messed things up again as usual.

Media in Ubuntu

The new Ubuntu isn’t doing all so well with media playback at all.

First of all all programs that are supposed to be able to handle my iPod can’t write the media database anymore (they had no problem syncing it before, but then after an ugly crash i had to factory reset it, and since then, nothing). They add/delete the files alright, but they’re unable to do anything with the database, resulting totally useless gigabytes of data on the player.