Month: February 2014


Pont az imént szóltam megint valami nagyon nem szépet kis hazánkról, és mivel ez mostanában elég gyakran előfordul, végeztem egy kis önvizsgálatot, nem vagyok-e hazaáruló (stb).

Weird bugs

There are a few weird bugs in my system that I can’t figure out how to fix. I have an Ubuntu (always updated) and Windows 7 dual boot. One of the bugs is that when I reboot from one system to the other, the system time is totally messed up. When I reboot from Ubuntu to Windows, on Windows I get a system time 8 or so hours behind my timezone (I suppose it displays UTC but I didn’t check), and when I return to Ubuntu, I see the other way around: the system time is 8 or so hours ahead of what it should be. The problem is, I have no idea which system is bugged.

Edit: this can be solved by setting the UTC option in /etc/default/rcS to “no”.


Ha az emlékezetem nem csal, akkor a mi osztályunk még úgy indult általánosban, hogy “művészeti” tagozat (a másik volt a zenei). Nem tudom, hogy mennyire különbözött a tananyagunk a nem-művész iskoláktól, de arra emlékszem, hogy általánosban a kézimunka minden formája megvolt a szövéstől az agyagozásig.

Ettől mondjuk köztem és a művész fogalma között úgy annyi volt a közös, hogy a tánctanárunk (igen, volt néptánc óránk is) művészúrnak hívott (hinnye de rühelltem azt az embert).

My problem with education

My problem with education is that they don’t teach kids what they need to know. They teach in depth about specific stuff – for some reason stuff that you will never ever need in your life.

Will you ever need to know how to calculate the derivate of a function? Unlikely, unless you’re an engineer or economist. Will you ever need to know which year some king signed some tax decree? Never, unless you want to be a historian. Will you ever need to understand the chemical process how mitochondria in cells convert energy? Not unless you’re a med major.

Muster the force

My highest level ship is at this point Kitakami at level 97 (20-something thousand xp to go to 98), closely followed by I-168 and Ooi, both also at 97. As for torpedo cruisers, there isn’t really a race: even number three, Kiso is in the latter stages of level 96 at this point.

The field of subs is more spread out, Imuya having a two-level lead ahead of I-19, currently at 95, the rest following in the mid-80’s with the latecomer I-8 quickly catching up. She’s currently 66.





Me, Japanese and I

My memories from my high school days are quite limited, mostly just socializing and parties are what I can recall (and the occasional school event). I must admit I don’t remember anymore why or when exactly I started learning Japanese, but looking at the blog’s archives (currently offline) it must’ve been sometime in 2006.

I recall trying to write blogposts in Japanese, and just falling back to using Google Translate (and Babelfish) when I failed. Thing is, while I learned some words and basic grammar, I couldn’t make that next step forward, after which I could’ve said I know the language.





That addiction

I’m always in severe need for some entertainment. In the years before, that was fansubbing for me: translating was perfectly enough for me. Translating, being a part of the community, then later writing reviews even was great. But even then, I always had problems clearing my backlogs, since I simply couldn’t get myself to work on stuff unless I was doing it on the usual weekly scheduled timeslot.

陰の伝承歌 / Lay of the Shadow


郷の奥 続く道
虚を数えて 辿る道
つづら折り 見え消ゆる
友の影追い 参りけり
山の端 日陰りて