Month: February 2014

On Ken Ham’s historical science

Just two days ago there was a debate between “evolutionist” Bill Nye and the creationist Ken Ham. I finished watching the whole thing today, and I thought I’d put down my ideas.

Packets, part 2

Yesterday I thought I sorted out the problem with assembling complete responses from packets, but that was quickly disproved by weird errors showing up only in certain situations, but in those situations always.


There was this one problem I just couldn’t tackle until now while coding my KC helper app: packets kept getting messed up. The whole design is based on opening a general-purpose socket with Python, and listening to all traffic to and from the KC game server. I based my code on a sniffer script I found on the net, tweaking it to my needs.


The other day I wrote about how much trouble Microsoft has with branding, inspired by their last blunder with SkyOne Drive. But the other day as I was looking around in my system (running Ubuntu), I realized that MS might’ve just made the matters worse by picking the name One Drive.

9001 hours in Paint

9001 hours in Paint GIMP

KanColle Bridge 0.7

KanColle Bridge is a smart little Python app for your Ubuntu that can help you with a bunch of stuff related to your beloved shipdaughters. Work in progress.