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ESO (beta) first impressions

Horrible. I didn’t even get to play the game yet, and I can already say that much.

I’ve been staring at the installer’s screen for no less than five hours now – I’m positive that in this time I could torrent Windows 8.1, burn it on a bluray or DVD, completely format my entire hard drive and finish installing Windows. Seriously, if you can’t provide a normal bandwidth for downloads (and this 4 gigabyte thing here at the 70% mark, which is about the third download in the process by the way, is downloading at a mighty 200 kB/s), then just outsource it. Include a limited-functionality torrent client in the installer and make the users download from each other. It’s not such great magic – it’s been done before (sadly, googling “torrent based installer” doesn’t return any relevant results so I can’t provide any actual examples, but I remember such).

Elo hell doesn’t exist?

Hell it does. I’ll define it in a way that denying its existence would mean that you’re totally clueless about playing League.

Birthday rant

I really don’t care if I lose. Well, maybe I do. Definitely not so much if it’s a good game. Define good game? Well matched, 5v5. Both teams have roughly the same kills and the difference in gold earned isn’t over 3 thousand.

The League system hates me

The people in #troll-base are probably getting bored of my constant complains about bronze by now. “If you can’t carry yourself out, then you don’t deserve to get out,” is my personal philosophy regarding the bottommost of tiers (and probably all the others as well). That’s a pure question of skill, however.

Difficulty in Skyrim

I started a new character in Skyrim a week ago, and for some reason the game set itself to expert difficulty. It’s weird.


The other day I decided to give it a try and make myself a catgirl in the world of Tera. I googled the website and got redirected to the american one. There the problems started. I tried logging in, but it wouldn’t let me.

I thought I must’ve mistyped my password during the registration (no chance), but even after resetting it it took many tries until I could managed to log in. Then I downloaded the client, and I could almost see the figure of my catgirl, but alas, even after installing, it wouldn’t let me log in.


You might have wondered where have i disappeared to… The answer is: Skyrim. It’s damn addictive, and it takes a significant effort to start up Aegisub and get stuff done. At the moment as well I feel the urge to just reboot and dive into the frozen world of dragons, abandoned dwemer cities and catacombs full of undead. But still i felt the need to at least report in so that you won’t worry. Though what you should worry about is my finance. Donate using the widget on the right!

Így megy

Az utóbbi napokban nem sok mindent csináltam, bár azért az a nem sok sem kevés. Például StarCraftoztam, azt sokat. Meg fordítottam, meg lektoráltam, meg hasonló jóságok. Ja és a saját gyűjtőoldalamra elkezdtem kipakolni azokat a munkáimat, amiket az elmúlt két hónapban produkáltam, amióta nem frissítettem. Tegnap ráadásul annyi mindent raktam ki, hogy belefáradtam abba a pár bugba, ami benne maradt a kódban, és gyorsan kijavítottam azt is. (Ezzel kapcsolatban pedig észrevettem, hogy a szerveren be van kapcsolva a magic_quotes, nagyon nem értékelem – bár szerencsére (ezt) a régi blogmotort nem zavarja, mert itt minden háromszor van átellenőrizve.)

Plusz természetesen minden nap megyek kondiba és futni, holnapra be van tervezve egy újabb bringatúra (bár azt nem tudom, hogy most hova fogok menni, valószínűleg ugyanúgy csak a fejem után, mint a múlt héten). A kondinak megvan már végre a hatása, kezdek emberként kinézni, és a futásnak is – míg egy hónapja a négyezret alig bírtam lefutni fél óra alatt, most már a hatezerrel kacsingatok.

Fun thing

You know what’s a fun thing? When I play 1v1 in StarCraft 2 and random gives me zerg, and by some wonder i’m not rushed to death by a terran swarm or an army of dark templar and make it to the late game, and i hold roughly the half of the map, with creep tumors for visibility, 4-5 hatcheries/lairs/hives, all with queens, and i have a maxed out army at 200, and clash with the enemy, which results in both of us losing a significant number of units, and then soon the enemy tries attacking again with a smaller force to “rush” me before i could rebuild my army, and he’s bound to face an even stronger one already ready. Now, that’s fun.

Yeah, queens and their “spawn larva” ability rules the game. Also a huge economy. I really like the sight of 30-40 mutalisks born at once.

Typhoon and stuff

US east coast gets a hurricane, it’s world news and stuff (though i’m glad it passed quickly since my parents are there visiting relatives), but when i get a huge typhoon over my head, that’s nothing. I mean, it’s not even here, but it’s loud, and the wind is so strong that even if i close the windows it blows through (loud). Today i didn’t go running either, because of the storm, i sweated like 20 minutes on the exercise bike. I’ve never sweated so much i think. I was literally dripping by the time i left the gym.

And the supermarket pissed me off, because when i got there all the bread and related products (baguettes etc) were gone, so i had to make myself omuraisu (japanese-style omelette-rice), just the problem was i only had four eggs at home instead of 8, and two of those were half-rotten (no idea how that happened, but happened). Surprisingly it could still fill me quite well…

Also, i 1v1’d for hours on the SEA-Aus server and got up to division 4 in the bronze league. Will get better. (If you play SC2 on SEA or NA, i’m always most of the time up for a game.)